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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Art Box ...

Welcome to another post on the Virtual Refrigerator.  I have
gathered with a  group of 3 other bloggers  working to share
our children's art each week. I feel that Art and creating things
with our hands is important to our studies. It is so nice to see
what other ideas there are out there for kids to do and to have
a platform to share my children's creations.

We would love to have your join us. You can share art,
crafts, or even photography in our link up.

We went through our art tub. I keep all of their art work in the tub for
the entire school year. Then we go back over it throwing away things we don't
want to keep and writing names and dates on the things we do. Then I place
them back in the tub. When the tub is full we relook at our work and make decisions
again about what to keep and what to throw. I have indicated the age my
children were at the time. They are a year sometimes two years older now.

By Spirit Age 6 Circus

Spring umbrellas by Sweet pea age 2 (precut by mom)

Mountains and horse by Superboy age 12

Sister and Bunny by Superboy age 12

Pom pom art by Sweet Pea age 2

Bunny art by Superboy age 12

Marching band by Spirit age 6

Finger paints by Spririt age 6 and Sweet pea age 2

Wilderness by Spirit age 6

If you want to share your art join in, in the comments box.

Warm Blessings,



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