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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dear MotherHood

Dear Motherhood,

Do you ever have those moments when you know you should have been looking

but you didn't see. Then you proceed to kick yourself as a parent for not

watching every second because you know you should have. That one second

when you looked away. That brief moment in time.

When my oldest daughter was 1. I sat her in a wash basket while I hung wash. She

still wasn't standing up yet so I wasn't to worried about her . She always stayed where

I put her. I could put her on a blanket and she'd play there for hours. This day.

This day I wasn't watching she tumbled out on the the stone driveway. No major

scratches but I felt terrible for days after . It obviously traumatized me more than her as she

surely doesn't remember. She has no damage or fear of wash baskets. (ha ha)

With 5 kids under my belt I tell you there is more. There is really more.

I'm ashamed to say. You know your not supposed to do it but you look away.

God really should have given us more eyes and more hands when we became


Spirit age 6. Again I looked away for a second.

We were at a family reunion and they had a playground for the kids to play on.

Spirit being 6 I sent him to play with his older sisters in tow. I could see

the playground from where we were sitting. I don't let my kids out of my sight.

Another child pushed him backwards and he fell at least one story down. He made not a

sound. Rolled over and hopped up. It was a miracle. I wanted to rush him

to the ER but some of my cousins are nurses and assured me he was fine.

Why wasn't I looking. Of course I don't think even if I was I could have

stopped it but you still feel bad when bad things happen to your little ones.

You are their mommy after all. Your supposed to protect them Even

If it means making wonder women leaps to save them. Somehow I should

have anticipated it and caught him. Yeah right....

"Sweet Pea" one Saturday went flying off our front porch.

Since we moved here I have saved her numerous times. I don't know why

She thinks she can float off the 1ft drop . Possibly because her siblings tend

to leap off the porch. This day. Her brother ran out of the house to go to the car

and left the fridge hanging open. I went to shut it and somehow we all missed her

sneaking behind him. She leaped right out over like she was superman.

Now you have to understand whats after that one foot. First you will find a

large concrete slab and then a large rock. I don't know who decided to do the

stairs that way we certainly plan to change it. Not to soon for me. She landed

right on the rock knocking the wind out of her and putting a nice scratch on her

nose. This time it wasn't just mom looked away. It was 5 other people looked away.

We were all to fault. Sweet pea is fine but I wonder am I alone. I really

only looked away for a second and that's all it took. Does that give me the bad

mom of the year award. Now if you know me you know how protective I am.

You know that my kids are the ones saying but mom so and sos kids can do ___.

So yes I guess it "even happens" to me. We have the bumps to prove it but

It doesn't make anyone a bad person. As much as you try to watch

sometimes a person gets distracted and you don't see. Somethings can't be

changed. You can't protect them from everything. Its not fair and

it makes you watch even more when these things happen. I can guarantee

Sweet pea will be guarded with our lives till shes 20 and never fall off the

porch step again. Course after that fall the next time she went to go off

she was very cautious. This is how they learn and we learn .

Now she sits and slides down.

Please share your less than eloquent parenting moments. I'd love to

know I'm not alone.



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