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Sunday, June 17, 2012

2011-2012 School Year

Friday completed our 2011-2012 School year.
This year I am so grateful to be my kids mom, to be able to spend so
much time with them is amazing. I don't know how much longer that
will be able to continue but I love each second of it . Yes, Even the
days that are full of trials because we always are better for them.

I have no idea what our future holds and that is ok. This year came with
many personal stuggles with our family. Daddy was laid off and then back to
work only to be laid off again. He is still pushing through his health issues and
to add to it I picked up one of my own. My mom went through some
very scary things. Growing old isn't fun at all. We also had to move in a
months time which is overwhelming on its own. It's ok though because ...

I have grabbed a hold of Gods Grace and know that he will show us the
way. Spiritually I am where God wants me to be. I'll just sit back and let him steer.
I will do whatever I can to keep my kids at home and as long as God
wills it , It will continue.

This year we Graduated Spirit From Kindergaten. I am so proud
of all the hard work he has done. He is so full of energy and into learning
new things. It is great to say that I was able to teach him all of these things.

We had a little Kindergarten picnic in his honor. Here are my three
beautiful daughters. My oldest is no longer at home. She is all grown up.
 We are so proud of her accomplishments. She will begin
her second year of college in the fall. The long haired lovely in the back
just started high school this year. She has struggled a little with the set schedule
but I know she can accomplish all  of her hearts desires. Last is my little
sweety all grins. She will turn three in the fall. She is at that hard to find
things for her to do while you are schooling stage. Even if it is something
she can do on her own she still wants my attention. I can see some
big ideas for the fall to keep her busy.
 Then there is my two handsome boys. Superboy worked so hard
in his math this year and we will continue on with Geometry/Alg. in the fall.
I will spend time this summer with both boys in phonics, spelling, writing and reading.
Things they both need some more practice on. Well maybe not phonics for
Superboy but you know what I mean writing skills.

Superboy is still my creative boy. We love his charisma.

Princess and Heart creating some crafty goodness.

Looking at this adorable little face reminds me just why I do all of this.

God is so Good.

My prayers for this summer:

Dear Lord Heavenly Father,

You are so gracious and kind. I thank You for all You are and have been to my
family this year. We are so blessed to be under Your loving guidance.
I am so honored to be able to school my children at home. We hope Your will
is for us to continue this way but if it is not we will love each other either way.
We will proceed forward and assume that we have another year to school
at home. Only You know our future. We await what is next and will allow Your
hand to show us the way. I thank You for each of my children they are such
a gift to me and I take each gift seriously. I want them to know You and love You
as I do. Being home with my kids is amazing. Thank you for the gift of this time.

In Jesus Name

Warm Blessings to all,


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