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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Illness holding on

What a terrible week it has been. Monday night I began with the pain
again from my illness. It feels sort of like a band  of pain squeezing you
or a heart attack. As the week has gone my pain has gotten less and less.
I could barely sleep for days. Friday night I finally lost the pain long enough
to rest. I can feel that my esphogus is healing but food hates me.

I might think Oh I probably can eat this food. I try it and within an
hour the pain starts and it burns right up my throat making me feel
like I suddenly have strep and I have an upside down T of pain across my chest
and back pain in the upper middle. I have lost 37 lbs in 2 weeks. I tire easily.
Slowly I am finding foods my body likes. So far its crackers, yogurt,
wheat bread with honey (no white), Cream of broccoli soup, canaloupe,
and rice cakes. This has been my diet for the entire week and if a food
decides to hate me .  I go back to my comfort food, canaloupe. Feels
so smooth going down. White poatoes really hates me. Caused me
pain for a day. When I sit down to eat. I just stare at the food. I
hate it just as much but my stomach growls so I keep trying.

Today my pastor and friends will pray for healing.
I know it will come.

Be on later this week to share our Farm activities.



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