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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Being a mom is so special to me and I would never change it for anything.
Each one of my children are unique and I Love all of them unconditionally
to eternity and back. I am so grateful to God for giving me such a gift
as this and I value it more than the stars. I know how important my job is
and I try every day to do my very best. (even when I fall short) I know I
am loved by them but mothers day is a nice day to confirm it and feel
a little appreciated when often our work as mother is pushed to the side.

The best part of being a mom is the hugs.....
Hugs from Sweet Pea (age 2)

 This Craftiness came from my son Superboy (12). I took him recently on a shopping trip.
He had on his flamboyant green shirt and yellow shorts. His sister hogs the radio
on road trips and since it was him and I , I blared the country music. His head
went as we traveled. We parked the car. As we walked to the store he kept
stopping me with his arm just as I did when he was little. Protecting him from danger.
Now he does the same for me.

 The kids made these awesome treats in sunday school. I should have taken the paper off
to see it better. The fruit is on skewers like a fruit flower arrangement. The
pineapple is cut in the shape of flowers. Really neat idea. When we brought it home
I shared the snack with them. :) Don't moms always give what they have.

My girl Princess (14)  is growing up so fast. She was invited to her friends sweet 16.
Hers is next year (15 in July)  I can hardly believe it. Now princess isn't a big dress fan but
this friend is renting a limo and wants them all to dress. Princess has agreed to
find a dress. We will be shopping in the coming weeks. I feel like this is her
first dress but I remember when she was little wearing them on her. When I
did put dresses on her I'd have to put shorts or leggings under because
she was so active. I can't wait to find something unique just for her.
(more uses for pool noodles!!!)

My oldest Daughter (19) gave me a card. (not pictured) The card
states that I have been her love,support, and  understanding . That
I am just as important to her now as I always have been and am loved
so much. Then she writes in her hand that the card says what she would
want to say and that I'm her best friend. Who could ask for more blessing
than that?

Spirit (6) for the last several weeks has made my bed. He has made it
through my sickness and the week of mothers day. Each day placing
a note or stuffy on my bed as support.

I am so loved...

My step daughter called and the grandbabies said happy Grandma day.
Well maybe more Happy. Their little voices more whole than the earth.

God has blessed me with gifts of gold. I feel so rich.
I hope your mothers day was filled with love.

Warm blessings,

(PS feeling much better this week. )


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