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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Easter?

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I know I know it is waaay past Easter.  I have been sick on and off. I will
post more about what has been going on in a later post. I really missed my
little blog and talking with all of my readers. I hope you haven't left me. It is
very difficult when you are ill to take the time to write. Often I was feeling so
terrible that all I can manage is our home care and lessons. I'll be visiting the
Dr. today for test results.

Anyway... Our Easter Fellowship Activities at church went so well.
The kids had a wonderful time learning about God and Crafting  their
way through His Ressurection.

I'd like to share a few of the favorite crafts. These crosses were created from old
cereal boxes. I drew a cross onto paper and cut them out of cardboard, 60 to be
exact. Then I layed that cross onto paper and made it slightly larger for a brighter
background. The kids and I gathered all sorts of nature items. We had plenty of
sticks in the yard from winter weather and God provided a large limb with loads
of little pine cones on it. No use they go to waste. We also glued beans, shells,
crushed shells, moss and small rocks to the cross. I love that we were able to use
Gods creation to help represent his death but coming of life. The nature items
representing the whats to come. LIFE.
 This is the next fun craft we created. This really should be a dollar store craft. I found the
tulip doilys at the dollar store, I bought pencils too. I layed a doily to construction paper
and made the tulip a little larger than the paper. The kids glued the tulip then to the
construction paper tuilip. I happened to have already cut from previous years
tissue paper crosses so we put them in the center of our tulips.  They were
able to add stickers of their choice and tissue strips for streamers at the bottom.
We then taped a Easter pencil to the tulip. Hurry Christ as Risen!!!

This one is a little hard to see. None of my photos came out very well.
Children created bunny cans. Start saving early if collecting for a large
group. It took me quit awhile to gather 60 cans of veggies. Wash them out
and check for sharpe edges. I sprayed painted all of the cans white.
Children added cotton balls to his face, glued card stock ears which you can't
see well here, wiggle eyes, pom pom, noses, paper heart mouths and
plastic string for whiskers. Now your probably wondering what a bunny has
to do with keeping Christ in Easter. Well I found this fabulous printout form
that talks about the different values of the bunny. Loved this and so did parents.
You can find your at  There are a lot of other
great easter craft ideas there, several that I plan to nab for next years easter
activities.  I then had them roll their papers and place them in the cans.
Then we added pink easter grass. I did this as a precaution of any missed
sharp edges and warned everyone to sit them up and look not play with
the bunnies.
I also made some lovely sugar cookies for the kids to decorate.
I was looking for the softest recipe for a cookie I could find and
I found it. I think next time I make them they will be without the nutmeg
though it sort of drew through them. 

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter. :)

Warm blessings,


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