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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Being a mom is so special to me and I would never change it for anything.
Each one of my children are unique and I Love all of them unconditionally
to eternity and back. I am so grateful to God for giving me such a gift
as this and I value it more than the stars. I know how important my job is
and I try every day to do my very best. (even when I fall short) I know I
am loved by them but mothers day is a nice day to confirm it and feel
a little appreciated when often our work as mother is pushed to the side.

The best part of being a mom is the hugs.....
Hugs from Sweet Pea (age 2)

 This Craftiness came from my son Superboy (12). I took him recently on a shopping trip.
He had on his flamboyant green shirt and yellow shorts. His sister hogs the radio
on road trips and since it was him and I , I blared the country music. His head
went as we traveled. We parked the car. As we walked to the store he kept
stopping me with his arm just as I did when he was little. Protecting him from danger.
Now he does the same for me.

 The kids made these awesome treats in sunday school. I should have taken the paper off
to see it better. The fruit is on skewers like a fruit flower arrangement. The
pineapple is cut in the shape of flowers. Really neat idea. When we brought it home
I shared the snack with them. :) Don't moms always give what they have.

My girl Princess (14)  is growing up so fast. She was invited to her friends sweet 16.
Hers is next year (15 in July)  I can hardly believe it. Now princess isn't a big dress fan but
this friend is renting a limo and wants them all to dress. Princess has agreed to
find a dress. We will be shopping in the coming weeks. I feel like this is her
first dress but I remember when she was little wearing them on her. When I
did put dresses on her I'd have to put shorts or leggings under because
she was so active. I can't wait to find something unique just for her.
(more uses for pool noodles!!!)

My oldest Daughter (19) gave me a card. (not pictured) The card
states that I have been her love,support, and  understanding . That
I am just as important to her now as I always have been and am loved
so much. Then she writes in her hand that the card says what she would
want to say and that I'm her best friend. Who could ask for more blessing
than that?

Spirit (6) for the last several weeks has made my bed. He has made it
through my sickness and the week of mothers day. Each day placing
a note or stuffy on my bed as support.

I am so loved...

My step daughter called and the grandbabies said happy Grandma day.
Well maybe more Happy. Their little voices more whole than the earth.

God has blessed me with gifts of gold. I feel so rich.
I hope your mothers day was filled with love.

Warm blessings,

(PS feeling much better this week. )
Sunday, May 13, 2012

Illness holding on

What a terrible week it has been. Monday night I began with the pain
again from my illness. It feels sort of like a band  of pain squeezing you
or a heart attack. As the week has gone my pain has gotten less and less.
I could barely sleep for days. Friday night I finally lost the pain long enough
to rest. I can feel that my esphogus is healing but food hates me.

I might think Oh I probably can eat this food. I try it and within an
hour the pain starts and it burns right up my throat making me feel
like I suddenly have strep and I have an upside down T of pain across my chest
and back pain in the upper middle. I have lost 37 lbs in 2 weeks. I tire easily.
Slowly I am finding foods my body likes. So far its crackers, yogurt,
wheat bread with honey (no white), Cream of broccoli soup, canaloupe,
and rice cakes. This has been my diet for the entire week and if a food
decides to hate me .  I go back to my comfort food, canaloupe. Feels
so smooth going down. White poatoes really hates me. Caused me
pain for a day. When I sit down to eat. I just stare at the food. I
hate it just as much but my stomach growls so I keep trying.

Today my pastor and friends will pray for healing.
I know it will come.

Be on later this week to share our Farm activities.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Illness Keeps me Down

As Promised I want to share with you what has been keeping me from
my little blog spot. It started way back in December before we were
ready to move. I had some sort of stomach virus and after I got this
terrible pain under my ribcage in the middle of the night. It kept me up
for 2-3 hours. This occurred twice and went away. I didn't think much of it.

Now fast forward to April. The family all has stomach virus and I again
wake in the night with terrible pain under my rib cage. Again I'm thinking
this is a stomach virus. After a week and a half and two wake up painful
nights I went to the Dr. He thought it was a viral infection and told me
if the pain came back he could give a shot to relax the muscles. This was
a knock me out illness. I 'd sleep all day and then turn around and sleep
all night. I'd feel ok one day and then the next sleeping again and pain.

I had gotten some blood work done returned for a follow up. Everything
seemed great. My blood pressure had been a little high . I had lost 9lbs
and brought the blood pressure to normal. The healthy diet I was on
felt pretty good. Then one random night the pain came back. It wasn't
to bad so I added it up to a one last hurray of viral and so did the Dr.
since I visited him for my follow up a few days after it happened.

Timeline- this was going on a month now. So then Wed evening we
had some haddock, corn, garlic pasta and I had maybe 5-6 steamed shrimp
in old bay. I woke up that night with terrible pain again. This time it went
all the way around to my back. I struggled to breathe . I probably should
have gone to the ER Looking back. I kept talking myself out of it . I
Slept sitting up to relieve the pain after 4 hours of severe pain.
I finally fell asleep at 6 hour mark. The next day my Dr. wasn't in
so I scheduled for the following day. I spent the day he wasn't in
sleeping and sleeping again. When I'd walk I  was extremely dizzy.
I couldn't eat a thing I had so much nausea.  (Most of my nurse friends
Kept telling me they thought I should have my gall bladder checked)

So yesterday armed with some information I went back to the Dr.
I walked in stood at the receptionist desk and about passed out.
The Dr. pushed around where the the pain originated.  He said that
My gall is more off to my right so he didn't believe at all that it was
that. He felt it was related to my Esophagus. He called it Acute Esophagitis.
Now I"m not a Dr. but as explained to me I have swelling where
my Esophagus and my stomach meet. This will probably be a continual
issue if I don't watch certain foods I eat. I read more about it online
and it comes from food allergies, taking pills without water, and
various other things that didn't apply to me.

I am hoping and praying this is right. He said if its not this we have
to take a look at my heart. EKG, chest x-ray etc...(thinking heart attack)
 I'd rather it was this. I'm resting today. He gave me
some meds. I'm taking them religiously and I have changed my diet.
He said I wouldn't always have to stay
away from acid type foods, spicy or fried foods but that I'd always have
to watch how much of those I had. If this is what it is. I'm ready
for the change and the challenge. Armed with that we went
grocery shopping last night to get some foods I could eat.

I did not wake with severe pain last night . I am very afraid it will
happen again. It was soo scary. I can feel an ache there often and
sometimes when I move awkward I can feel it too. I'll take one
day at a time one change at a time. I never thought anyone
would get me from eating so much salt but it was easier than
I thought. In fact I think most foods now taste to salty. So If
I can change that in a short few weeks. I can change this too.

I will just keep praying that these meds help, Which I'll be
On for 15 days. Otherwise the Dr. will order a complete workup. :(
So I may be in and out of my blog. Just praying with my whole
heart that this is it and its not something worse.

Warm blessings,
Thursday, May 3, 2012

Earth day

A little late but sharing Spirits Earth day project.
He used cereal box, fruit grain bar box, wrapping paper tubes for arms and legs,
a plastic lid cut for his mouth , and soda caps for his eyes. Great job Buddy.

We also did two experiments.

1. Saving water while brushing your teeth.
-First time brush your teeth using a cup of water. Fill the cup half way. Use it to wet
your tooth brush then put paste on and brush. Use the water then to rinse.
- Second time brush as you usually do leaving water on but block the drain to see
how much water is being used.

2. Showering or bathing
-Shower and put the plug in while to do . See what the diffence is in
water level till you are done. Which time do you use more water. When you
shower or when you bathe.

Warm Blessings,
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Learning Landforms

Learning landforms can be lots of fun. Maybe a little confusing but fun too. We found
Pictures of different landforms from books and then created this salt dough model of
the forms. We made little flags to represent each but I labeled them for you so they
are easier to pick out. We used a salt dough recipe.

Basic Salt Dough Recipe


1 cup of fine salt

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of water (may add more)


In a large bowl, combine the salt and the flour

Make a well in the salt/flour mixture and add the water

Knead until smooth and shape into a ball

When not in use, wrap in plastic or store in an airtight container

HINT: To get a softer dough you can add more flour. Adding more salt will lend a more
granulous affect. . To add color to your dough, use different types of flour or
add food coloring, kool aid or paint.

Knead to get an even color.We used food coloring because it is what we had on hand.

This is a closer view of the waterfall. Love that. Spirit loved this dough so much.
He played with it after with trucks and things. The dough was great as grainy
rocks for his truck to move around. It was an awesome tactile experience.
I'm glad I took a picture to save the orginal idea.

My K child loved this activity . It was a great hands on expience and I believe he
got all of the land forms down.

Warm blessings,
Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Easter?

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I know I know it is waaay past Easter.  I have been sick on and off. I will
post more about what has been going on in a later post. I really missed my
little blog and talking with all of my readers. I hope you haven't left me. It is
very difficult when you are ill to take the time to write. Often I was feeling so
terrible that all I can manage is our home care and lessons. I'll be visiting the
Dr. today for test results.

Anyway... Our Easter Fellowship Activities at church went so well.
The kids had a wonderful time learning about God and Crafting  their
way through His Ressurection.

I'd like to share a few of the favorite crafts. These crosses were created from old
cereal boxes. I drew a cross onto paper and cut them out of cardboard, 60 to be
exact. Then I layed that cross onto paper and made it slightly larger for a brighter
background. The kids and I gathered all sorts of nature items. We had plenty of
sticks in the yard from winter weather and God provided a large limb with loads
of little pine cones on it. No use they go to waste. We also glued beans, shells,
crushed shells, moss and small rocks to the cross. I love that we were able to use
Gods creation to help represent his death but coming of life. The nature items
representing the whats to come. LIFE.
 This is the next fun craft we created. This really should be a dollar store craft. I found the
tulip doilys at the dollar store, I bought pencils too. I layed a doily to construction paper
and made the tulip a little larger than the paper. The kids glued the tulip then to the
construction paper tuilip. I happened to have already cut from previous years
tissue paper crosses so we put them in the center of our tulips.  They were
able to add stickers of their choice and tissue strips for streamers at the bottom.
We then taped a Easter pencil to the tulip. Hurry Christ as Risen!!!

This one is a little hard to see. None of my photos came out very well.
Children created bunny cans. Start saving early if collecting for a large
group. It took me quit awhile to gather 60 cans of veggies. Wash them out
and check for sharpe edges. I sprayed painted all of the cans white.
Children added cotton balls to his face, glued card stock ears which you can't
see well here, wiggle eyes, pom pom, noses, paper heart mouths and
plastic string for whiskers. Now your probably wondering what a bunny has
to do with keeping Christ in Easter. Well I found this fabulous printout form
that talks about the different values of the bunny. Loved this and so did parents.
You can find your at  There are a lot of other
great easter craft ideas there, several that I plan to nab for next years easter
activities.  I then had them roll their papers and place them in the cans.
Then we added pink easter grass. I did this as a precaution of any missed
sharp edges and warned everyone to sit them up and look not play with
the bunnies.
I also made some lovely sugar cookies for the kids to decorate.
I was looking for the softest recipe for a cookie I could find and
I found it. I think next time I make them they will be without the nutmeg
though it sort of drew through them. 

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter. :)

Warm blessings,

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