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Friday, March 2, 2012

To Pin or Not to Pin...

The Pinning Craze has hit many.

I am In it over my head I'd say. I love pinterest. It is so easy
to organize ideas for school and home but alas there is
always trouble in wonderland. Take a peek at this site
about copyright issues. The area is so grey. It would be
really nice if pinterest would lay it out for the user but
I'm not sure they know what is or isn't exceptable themselves. It's all
new area on the web. Please read if you are a Pinning...

Do you have Permission to Pin? by Corkboard connections

By the way here at this site you do have...

Please do not pin photos of my children. I will make
sure there is a none child photo for you to pin if
you like an idea.
Make sure you link up to Corkboard Connections it will make
pinning so much easier.

I also read this today about Pinning and it made sense to me...

Pinterest and copyright by bloggingwithAmy

I agree with Amy. I went through today and it took a long time
deleting pins without a correct link. I'm not positive I have them
all so if you find something let me know. I did keep some pages without
the permission to pin but I feel if its correctly linked just as you
would a blog post than it should be ok. I am keeping my eyes on
this situation with Pinterest and at anytime I may resort to deleting
if I feel uncomfortable with whats going on. I did delete pins
that came from flicker images, google images, user uploads as there is no
source, etsy, stores, art, graphic art, and photography. I'm still
sort of mulling over teachers pay teachers. It is sort of a store.
If I were a teacher I'd want my product seen but I'm not the creator
it's not my decision. Any thoughts?

Trying to do the right thing and keep my new resource
for education.



  1. I just want to say I am so glad you pin! As a homeschool mom of 2 (kindy and preschool), I want to thank you for all of the work you put in pinning the units. Very helpful to follow you! Thanks! - amy

  2. Your welcome Amy. I wanted them organized for myself but have found others are enjoying it as well :) It sure does make lesson planning easier. My work is already done. I hope I can keep pinterest for a long while.


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