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Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patricks Day Book list and Readers

Today I wanted to share a list of St. Patricks Day books and a few
links to beginner readers that you can print out. It is always fun to
read something new. You can find most of these books at your local
library or bookstores. These particular books come from
I was gifted a Nook for Christmas this year so I am always shopping books on
Amazon. Love it. So this is sort of a St. Paddys Day wishlist.
I love the idea of the Old Lady who swallowed a clover. I had no
idea this exsisted. I think that Old Lady swallows just about anything.

I love Gail Gibbons book! They are resources for the Young and
very through on her topics. I have the Halloween book. Would love
to add this one to the collect. However for young children I prefer
The actual picture book compared to the Nook version. Something
about holding a book while you read. Enough of our world is

This sounds like the cutest story ever. Another great one
by Jan Brett. James wakes early on St. Patricks day to
find his families things layed out for the great St. Pattys day
Parade. He is told he can not go because it is to far for him.
He treks up the hill all on his own to say good morning to the sun.

We have checked this one out from our local library before.
it has the celtic feeling throughout the book. Good read.

Leprechauns Make mischief and that is just what these fellows do.
Would be a fun story to go along with some mommy mischief as
a Pattys day surprise. (wink)

Magic School House are always aweome stories.
A Great way to introduce your child to Irish Lore.

Always looking for new fun crafty things to do with the children.
These look like fun finds. I would like it more if I could
take a peek inside the book . Might have to search for these
at Borders so I can give them a hold in the hand look.

My little guy is just beginning to read. Below you will find links to some
Emergent Readers to print or read online.

Have you seen my Pot of Gold? (pdf)

St. Patricks day Trick on Make Learning fun.

Counting Shamrocks (pdf)

Readers Theatre script for elementry readers

Happy Reading,



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