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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Involving Teens and St. Patricks Day hunt

If you have a teenager in the house than you probably get your share
of eye rolls and the look that says "Mom your embarrassing me"
When a teen has younger siblings it can be hard to include them in
a particular activity. Majority of the time you have to separate your
time and activities to accommodate older children. If your lucky they
will enjoy playing with younger siblings and want to be involved. It's fun
to play with something again even if you aren't supposed to according to your age.
Isn't that how most traditions keep going. Parents want to relive their favorite
childhood memories and pass them along because they were so much fun.

This St. Patricks day Activity will be a new tradition at our house and I can
include my teen . Who doesn't like little gifts anyway? This card will be place
by each of my children beds . I signed it Patty Ohh so I can use the
pun with oreo's and peppermint patty's. This is what the card
reads in case you cant see it well.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you. Someone in your home
wants you to know how special you are to them. So they
were kind enough to send you a Leprechaun. Leprechauns are
lucky you know . St. Patricks day is on March 17th. You will
find 7 special notes or treats to get you through the day. Your
packages will have a special marks so you know they are yours.
Check the back of this card . If you find someone else's shh
don't tell just quietly place them back in their hiding spot . No
need to hunt just go about your day as usual.

Signed  Patty Ohhh

Below are the cards I created to identify each child's treats or letters.
There are 10 of each printable. I left them blank so you can create your
own special messages to your child. I thought I might hand write them
so they would mean more. I also wanted to be able to simplify the notes
for my young children and write longer more meaningful notes to the older
children. I have four children so I created 4 cards. If you have more than
four children message me and I'll make you a few more. They are very
simple to do.

My plan is to leave simple messages some with little treats and some with just a
love message. The main card says there are 7 notes but on my sheet you can get
10. I know they will search for them so I wanted to hide a few they didn't know about
so that they find them through out the day. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Each of them has a special cup so I thought
I'd put one in them. They are very large starbucks mugs. Possibly
with a shamrock marshmallow or other small treat.

2.One on the page of their math book they will be working in that
day. We always start with math. Perhaps a sticker or pencil to go with it.

3. Each of them has separate lunch chores to do , so my plan is to hide one
among the supplies for that chore.

4. Another great place is attached to their favorite toy. My older
daughter has a special get ready spot in her upstairs bathroom with
her get ready needs inside. I plan to hide one in that cabinet.

5. Outside time will roll around at some point. Perhaps something in
their shoe.

6. Create a fun packed lunch today and brown bag it. Leave a patty's day
note and green jello inside

7. How about sneaking later up to their rooms and hiding one under their
pillow or on their pillows just before bed.

Other ideas... Special green soap or light in their bathtub
Under the sofa
On or with a pet
In their arts and craft tub

Just about anywhere have fun with it.


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