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Monday, March 19, 2012

Imaginative Play

This week for Toddler time I created a no sew Tutu for "Sweet Pea"
She is a girly girl for sure. She loves everything pink and purple and girly.
Check how much this little girl has changed from August when her toddler
time photo was taken to now. wow!!

The hardest part about tulle is cutting it to begin doing the knots. The knots themselves
hardly took anytime. It was the cutting. Sweet Pea was there the entire process.
She helped me lay out the tulle onto the floor. She with scraps in hand ,pretended
to cut the tulle with her hands making hand scissors. As I knoted she sat and
pretended to knot with her scrap pieces. She does whatever I do. I have to really
watch at this stage what I say and do. She still sort of mimes more than she
speaks out but it is getting clearer. If you don't understand her she relys on it.
These acting out of activities are important for her growth.
 My favorite directions for the no sew was found at My little smelly butt blogspot.
She has found a u -tube video that takes you step by step on how to cut.
If you'd like to make your own. I'd like to try again. I bought rather thin
tulle . I used two pieces in each knot. It turned out cute but it clings and
gathers very easily to the other knots. I am wondering if I try something a little
thicker but not to thick that its scatchy if it would be less clingy.
Later I found this at Treasures for tots on an easy way to cut tulle.  Wish
I had found it sooner.
 For Sweet peas tot basket this week. I began creating her dress up box dramatic
play. She has some pocketbooks of various colors, plastic bracelets, her tutu,
a blue sun bonnet pappy brought her from the avon lady. :) Little by little we are
creating a fun playbox for her. I wish I could locate the older girls box. That is
a dream box of dress up from all the girls dance eras.
 Brother got in on the action...

Our finger Plays and songs this week:

Little Girl Ready for Bed.

Three Little fingers in a Pocket book
Three little nickels in a pocketbook new,

hold up three fingers

One bought a peppermint, and then there were two,

bend down one finger

Two Little nickels before the day was done,

One bought an ice cream come, and then there was one

bend down another finger

One little nickel I heard it plainly say,

"I'm going into the piggy bank for a rainy day!"

and a lot of dancing going on....

Art time:

Sweet Pea played with some wooden stencils I got a a curriculum

fair a few years ago made of wood. I missed taking a photo but will make

sure I take one for you next week of the set.

Story time:

Usbornes Touchy Feely That's not my Princess story book.
Sweet Pea loves things she can touch and get into.

Touch Feely book at Amazon

Warm blessings,


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