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Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 1 Feb.

Concept Basket:

For this weeks concept basket "Sweet Pea" was given a washed out
milk jug and math manipulatives. She can put the cubes together,
She can put them in the jug, she can try to shake them out, and
she has been screwing the lid on and off as well. Quit a challenge at
times but has kept her occupied much of the day.

This activity has kept some peace for school work to be done and
"Sweet pea is learning something in the mean time without realizing.

I saw this activity on Pinterest. You can find it
Rust and Sunshine . It was a hit with
Sweet pea. I did however use finger paints with
my toddler .This is just a suggestion for easy clean up.

Finger paint works just was well as poster paints
but with less mess. She can get it on her hands and it
comes right off. She did get it on the table and it
wiped right off.

I had some cut pieces of paper so we made heart
bookmarks for family.


We took a trip to the library and go these two books.

Duck and Goose How are you feeling by Tad Hills

and Little hands love -touch and feel book.

The little hands love book was a hit the duck book not
so much. The book tries to portray feelings and some of
the feelings are quite complex for a toddler but we liked the ducks.

Finger play:

If your happy and you know it

If your happy and you know it clap you hands
If you happy and you know it clap your hands
If your happy and you know then your face will
surely show it. If your happy and you know it
clap your hands.

(fill in different actions such as stomping feet.
smiling etc..)



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