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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ox Cart Man

This week Spirit and I read the story the ox cart man.
Spirit has been asking lately how clothing is made and has
an interest in the process.

The ox cart man is a story about a man and his family who work
hard all winter long to prepare homemade goods for market in
the spring. Once the man sells all of his wares he treks back
home to do it all again .

(I apologize for the sideways photo blogger isn't
cooperating. I resized and turned but it still is coming
In this way. Blogger keeps flipping it to the side)

Spirit created his own sheep with his hand print. Shown
above. This is a very simple craft but he has been having
difficulty with cutting more complex items so of course
Mom throws them in quit a bit. This had proved a challenge
For him but he got it after some instruction .

We also watched this U-tube video of sheep shearing.
This was a favorite and Spirit was upset when they didn't
show all the sheep.

This one whas all about spinning the wool to yarn.
less interesting to him but we talked about it and listened.

Honestly I think He'd like to do more with it so perhaps
in the future we will learn more about sheering sheep
when the shows start in the spring summer months.



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