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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moses Baby in a Basket

The children are learning about Super Heros of the Bible.
I hope to post all of their lessons but this was so fun I'm jumping in
with it. First we talked about what the word consequences means. How
are actions result in another action. We gave some examples
of bad consequences for example if you dont' brush you teeth
then the consequence is cavities. I also explained that sometimes
a consequence can result in something good too.

We read the story of Moses as a baby. I highlighted Miriam and
her mother as our Super hero this week. It took great courage
for them to stand against Pharoah and stand before God.

I created a river for baby moses and put a baby in a basket as
a visual. We read our two bible verses together . I then passed
around a trinket box. Inside were circle tags, wooden hearts
and river rocks. Each child got a sharpie marker as well.
They were to write how Mariam and her Mother felt at
the beginning of the story with Pharoahs Demands and then
again at different parts of the story. We gave our thoughts to
the river. The children really enjoyted this activity. More so
than I thought. Spirit was so proud that he wrote BAD on when
of the rocks and showed me he spelled it correctly.

Then we talked about the consequences of each action.

We made a baby in the basket snack. I wish I had a photo
for you but it came out blurry and the kids ate them all. We
made rice crispies with cocoa crispies an Idea from a dear friend.
Then formed them into baskets. Once they were in basket form
we added some super Hero gummies to the basket. (Thanks Jan
for the great idea)

We also told them that God shows us how great we are in other
ways to. We cut up some apples and showed them the star in
the middle and cut up some star fruit . It was a neat snack
to go with the story. I hope to share more of our bible Heros
lessons with you.




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