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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mmmmm Poetry

"The Paddle dips,
Turn in the wake,
Pauses, Forward again
Water drips
From the blade to the lake"
Pieces of a lullaby from Jr. Great books

Reading is breathing. Breathing is reading. Without
one I'm not sure I have the other. The kids probably
would think I'm crazy. Sometimes I think ...What would
I do if I couldn't read anymore? I suppose I'd just

"A murmur now
Under the prow
Where rushes bow
To let us through"...
(Pieces of a lullaby from Junior great books)

A Child's lullaby so soothing so peaceful.

"No one's awake,
No One's awake
No one,
Not even
(Pieces of a lullaby from Junior Great books)

Our K-Assignment to create a list of peaceful places.

The boys and I came up with this list.

A massage parlor (superboy)
Shore (spirit)
woods (me)
our house (spirit, this one makes me smile)
night (spirit)
bed (me)
swing (me)
hole (spirit, if he were a mouse)
childrens sermon (spirit)
golfing (spirit)
books (me)
Grandmas house (me)
under my blanket (spirit)
Store (spirit, personally dislike shopping)
room with candles (superboy)
Our local seafood resturant (spirit)

Spirit was then to choose 2 and this is what he
came up with...

It is peaceful under my blanket.
No one is there and it is warm.

It is peaceful at the seafood resturant
Not many people come. Their food is good.

This is what else we were up to today. The sorting
of 1,000s of Easter eggs for our Fellowship at church.
Each year we wash them out, take off any tape,
check for cracks, fill them into ziplock bags for the
congregation to take home and fill. Then later we
hide and hunt them with our church families the
Saturday before Easter.

Hmm perhaps this is Sweet peas peaceful place.
It certainly isn't mine but it is soo
worth the smiles.

Warm Blessings,


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