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Monday, January 9, 2012

Why I don't like School.

Today ,on one of my favorite blogspots ,Teacher Tom wrote a wonderful post on
Why children hate school? His survey comes from a tweet on twitter or something
like that. I'm not on twitter so not sure about it.

It is a must read for those of you that are wondering why or for those Home educators
like myself who already know why but want to refresh your memory.

We know the system is failing our children but we seem to be at a lose as
to how to change it. When change seems like it may occur politics typically gets
in the way . We are then left with what we have. The results are
unhappy children and a insignifcant education  Something must be done to change it.
The how is the big question. I am not generalizing here I am aware there are
some amazing teachers out there but its ashame they are few are far between.
I also am aware that families are deterorating and that doesn't help the situation.
Americans/people need to heal in many way.

I am also not going to sit here and tell you that my kids never complain
about school at home. There are times they don't like what I'm teaching
or how I'm teaching it. Generally when that occurs I notice I am modeling
the system I grew up with  but the grand scheme of it is that I can
stop and change what we are doing or how we are doing it at anytime.
We have a larger feedom of choice. The freedom most public school
children are wishing for. Stop and take a look Double thumbs up Great


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