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Monday, January 23, 2012

January Winter Fun

My little one looks so cold to me in the toddler time photo. :)
It was taken in the summer but for this time of year she looks cold.

We are back on track. "Sweet pea" is back to toddler time and not to
soon either. We did a few days of school without it and she was
very distractive. I realized the time without it planning wasn't worth
the frustrations during school time. I'm so glad we are back into things.
I can see her changing and I'm preparing for some things for when shes
three. I know she will be ready to start using a pencil and she already
tries to use a scissors on occastion.

This was our concept basket this week:

It doesn't look like much. "Sweet pea" got into it before I
got the photo. It was all arranged sweet for grand surprise.
In it is a small plastic flower pot for a cave, cotton for snow,
clear rocks for ice, regular rocks for fun, some snow flake sequins,
pine cone for a tree, 2 moose , a mountian goat, and a white bear.

She has been really enjoying it. Instead of the pretend play
Spirit would do she got to sorting out the pieces.
She was very fascinated with the clear rocks. I later got
out an egg carton for her to sort things into. The little red
bag in the photo is full of her doll stuff. Not sure what
she had in mind with those. Spirit stopped in and made
snow cones with the flower pot. At least thats what they
looked like.

"Sweet pea " wanted me to show you all of her rocks. They
were all special to her. To save you from that I am only showing
one rock with her.

Saturday we got the real SNOW!!!

Art: We created snowman pictures.
Of course she needed help with drawing some things
but my girl loves to glue. If I need to get something important done.
I give her small things to glue or stickers and I can get my work done.

Finger plays:

I'm a little snowman

I'm a little snowman short and fat
Here is my nose, my eyes and my hat
When the sun starts shining- oops , watch out
I will melt- without a doubt.

No more snowmen

Five little snowment
(hold up 5 fingers)

Riding on a sled
(wiggle fingers pretending to sled)

one fell down and bumped his head
(use hand to bump head)

Frosty called the Doctor
(pretend to dial)

And the Dr. said No more snowmen
(shake forefinger)

Riding on the sled

(sung to farmer and the dell)

The snow is on the roof
(point over head)
The snow is on the ground
(Point to the ground)
The snow is on the window
(make window with hands)
The snow is all around
make circles with hands

Story Time:

Many of our toddler books are still in storage from
the move. So I opted to do a little u-tube. "Sweet pea"
Loves these and wantes to watch and watch but
I only allow a few. These are some we watched . A few are
like little finger plays.

This is my favorite. I'll have to read her the story when I
Find the books. She will associate more I think.

We also watched a few readers but they got lost in u tube. :)

Please remember to view videos before children.



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