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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Caps for Sale

I just love doing book studies. It's just something so fun about
adding some art or adding some math to a story to really make it
come alive for a while. Recently we read the story Caps for Sale.
Its a silly tale of a man selling caps. After a hard morning he
decides to take a rest by a tree. When he awakes his caps are missing.
He looks up and sees monkeys wearing each little cap and some
silly monkeys they are. Wait till you read just how the man gets
the monkeys to return the caps.

The really awesome things about this lesson was that it was done
for me already. Many teachers have read caps for sale and have
worksheets prepared for you.

HomeSchool Creations has this set of worksheets available for
download. Click the link to visit her Site. We used the cap sort
worksheet. Words ending in -ap and -at . Spirit read the words
and then lined them up under the correct word ending. Just right
for where he is in his reading. We also used the worksheet where
you look at the picture and decide what letter the picture begins with.
We haven't started learning about money yet so we may revisit this
story when we get to that particular math lesson.

Caps for Sale collage

I just love the finger print Monkey tree. We didn't get to making one of
those yet but I think we will try that one today. I"ll load a picture later.
I'm still unpacking and unsure where the camera is. :) Love the Love
the monkey snacks. What a fun way to snuggle up and read together.

We did the 5 little monkey song where the monkey swing in the
tree teasing Mr. Alligator Don't catch me. Along comes Mr.
Alligator hungary as can be Snap. One goes away each time.
Sweet pea loves snatching the picture monkey cards each time.

The Authors Website. You may also want to take a peek at
the authers website. You student can learn more about who
the person is behind the story.

We also used this pack from Home School Share
I love the cap counting book. Stop over to download the pack
For use.

We used pictures of the caps and glued them to the monkeys
head to create a math journal page. Spirit has been working
on adding numbers. So we added up the different colors on
our math page. The Monkeys and hats came from
homeschool creations pack. ( Photo to come will search
for that camera this afternoon)

We also created our own hats also from homeschool creations.

Warm blessings,


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