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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey Time Games

It's Turkey Time!! Thanksgiving here in the States is
one of my favorite Holidays. I love watching the Macys
parade Live from New York City while a turkey is baking in
the oven and the house is warm with lovely smells. The children
become excited as Santa makes his way to Macy's at the end
of the parade. Waving in the Christmas season. It means being
Thankful for the year, being thankful to God, Shopping, baking
and most importantly Family Time. It was only fitting to create
and search for some fun Thanksgiving Games.
I created this game to practice Spirits Site words. It is taking
him some time to get the hang of learning them. He absolutely
loved playing over and over. There are more cards and words
in the set. These are the words he is working on right now.
I printed off 3 of each word and layed them on the table. You
could easily put this in a pocket chart. Behind two of the
words I placed a Thanksgiving ticket. If he finds both he
wins the game. He chooses a card and reads it first. Then
he can search for the Thanksgiving Ticket. You can print the
game from my file for share the file is called Thanksgiving
or you can go here Thanksgiving Turkey Site word game .

Spirit Created his own game after we played. We layed the
cards face down. He choose a site word to find such as is.
Then he had three incorrect chances to find all the is words.
He often creates his own games after we play a game. He
seems to have other visions for our learning tools. This one
was a keeper.

This game I created from another activity I already had.
I had the Turkey number cards with triangle feathers from
last year. I as gifted the turkey game but you could create
one simply by tracing your childs shoe for the body. Cut out
10 bodies 11 if you'd like 0. Number them from 0-10. Add
eyes and beaks. Then cut different colored feathers.

To play have your child pick two turkeys from the pile.
(I only pictured one) Allow them to choose from the feather
pile/triangles any colors of their choice. This turkey has a 5
on him so he gets 5 feathers. Then from the turkeys count up
each number of feathers and marke it on the chart. I put ours
under a plastice pocket sleeve so we can use it again. After
we collect our data I asked questions such as...
Which is the most color feather used?
Which is the least color feather used?
Which are equal?
How many more red are there than blue?

You can print my turkey feather chart here
Color Feather Chart

This game I am sharing because I absolutely love it!!
It comes from a new learning site I came across yesterday.
You can learn more about the More or less game by
visiting Kindergarten Crayons and print it out to use
in your school room.

Warm Blessings,



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