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Monday, November 7, 2011

Toddler time Cancelled

Toddler time this week was cancelled. My little Sweet Pea
was a very sick little pea. She contracted Hand, foot and mouth
viral. Some of my older children have had this before but not
to this extent. Sweet pea had blisters in her mouth, around her
mouth, a rash that looked a little like pimples that would open
and scab. This rash was on her hands, arms, legs, feet, head
and other places. It was a long long couple of days. She
has been very fussy, so last week we did no Toddler time.

This morning she is feeling better. Many of her scabs have
turned to small little sores. The blisters in her mouth
are mostly gone except for one that was huge in her right
cheek. This week we will begin Toddler time again and will
have photos for you next Monday.

Blessings all,



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