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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miss Spiders Tea Party

We created another fun Math Journal from Kim's Jazzy Journals.
Spirit Created his spider and then counted the number
of legs, eyes etc...He really enjoys these. I hope to create
more for him. The idea is awesome! Thanks Kim. I love it!

We read Miss Spiders Tea Party. It sort of
Fits in with the Halloween week. Miss Spider keeps
inviting the bugs to tea but none of them want to come
because they are Afriad of Miss Spider. They don't
want to be eaten. A really cute Story. Spirit picked
up the treasury of Miss spider at the library and enjoyed
other stories as well.

Along with our reading of Miss Spider I went with the word
family Bug. Spirit is beginning to put word sounds together
more easily now and is just starting to glaze the surface
of beginning reading. It is so exciting to see.

We then made a journal entry about our story. Spirit filled
in the words he knew and we read it together. Then
He drew his own Miss Spider.

Warm Blessings,



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