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Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Leaves

"Sweet Pea" is still recuperating from her hand, foot and mouth
during her leaf week. She is well but you can tell she tires more
quickly. So we kept our play time at a minimum. After laying
around for much of the day she got up and wanted to play.
I pulled out our concept basket filled with leaves.

It is very interesting how different children can be.
When Spirit had this activity when he was younger
he threw the leaves in the air and practically swam
in the leaves. Then he'd rake them up with his hands.
"Sweet pea" would daintily toss them over the basket.
If any fell out she scoop them back in before doing it
again. I tried to show her she could get them out of
The container but she'd put them back in anyway.
She did line them up on the floor and then pick
them up again.

I also had some plastic gourds and flowers. I wish
I had left more of a stem on the flowers. She kept
wanting to put them in her hair.

Toward the end of the week. When she was feeling much
better. I took her out to explore the leaves. She loved
the crunch under her feet.

When Spirit threw the leaves though she was less
than thrilled.

Finger plays were great fun while laying down on the
sofa. We did many more than I can list here but here
are a few favorites.

Counting apples

Five red apples
Hanging in the tree ( hold up fingers)
The juiciest apples you ever did see!!
The wind came past
and gave an angry frown (shake head and look angry)
and the little apple came tumbling down
Four red apples (etc..)

Falling leaves

Pretty little falling leave (both hands high)
Falling , falling down (hands fall down)
Tumbling over each other (roll hands)
Until they reach the ground
(place hands and body on floor)

Since Sweet pea was resting much of her time
Her favorite book and art this week were activity books.
We have several of them but this is her favorite. She has
since moved on to a states and capital book that the older
boys have. She likes drawing over the pictures.
Wipe Clean Animal Activity book

Warm blessings,


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