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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The College Choice Question

My daughter is in her freshman year in college. She is doing
pretty well there. It has been an exciting time for her and
a difficult time for mom letting her go. I remember way
back when she was in college trying to make those touchy
college choices. It was all really overwhelming. Each step
was a process. First she had to decide if she wanted to
go to college. Heart wasn't sure at all what she wanted.
She took a year off to work. It was a little scary. I surely
didn't want her working at a pizza restaurant her entire life.
So I gently moved her along to the next steps in trying
to find the right college. I found this great article
How we helped with College. I decided it would be
fun to answer the questions from the magazine article
myself, plus you can go and read the answers other
parents gave.

Again as I said Heart was a little hesitant to decide

where she wanted to go to school. I had to gently nudge
her along. Family and friends began helping by suggesting
colleges that were good for their family. Location was a
huge deal to Heart. She didn't want to go far from home.
She said she couldn't be far from her mom. However at
this point she is so busy I barely see her anyway. We are
reduced to text messages even when we are in the same
house. I have to make sure when she is home to just
hone in on her. It has been a challenge with schooling
the other children but it's working. After much talk
about school but no action. I prayed and prayed and then
signed her up for some college visits. This was the
turning point that got her more excited about attending.
At the college she ended up choosing she actually found
friends there she knew. This really helped in the process
of choice. Plus the college was small like the high school
she was used to. It really was the right choice for her.
I'd suggest writing a few wants down before you go.
Then see if this college fits you. Take money along
because if the school is a hit. You gotta come home
with the shirt that says so.

We all tried to give her other suggestions but she
was really set on this choice. I wanted her to make sure

this was what she wanted and not just because it was
close and she knew people. It is really helpful to give
guidance but most importantly to listen. If they don't
like where they are they won't stay in the long run.
I have seen several teens do just that. Be careful you
aren't pushing them to far in a direction that doesn't
feel comfortable to them.

Choosing the college really was the easy part. The
difficult process of financial aid and paper work is the
scary part. You keep thinking we are really doing this
and it's such a huge expense. We better be sure. The
college made things simpler for us by sending us reminders
and steps of completion. It was scary looking at than
it was actually doing it when it was said and done.

I find myself again at this junction. I have a freshman
in high school at the moment. We have been throwing
around ideas of what she wants to do in her future. It
begins now. The process of talking and looking at
careers and so we will soon begin taking a peek at some
school options again. Princess has some learning disabilities
so we are leaning more towards a trade school. Hopefully
not all to different than college searching.

I will post more about college as Princess moves
through the process and Heart starts her next semester.



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