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Monday, November 21, 2011

Breathe it in, God knows

We are waaay off Center to begin our week.

*If you are looking for Toddler Time come back tomorrow
You'll see why when you read below.

The trouble sprinkled with good started out with a strong
urge to connect with God. I pulled out an old devotional
book and flipped through it. I came upon a lesson on being
involved in centering your life around yourself. How you
could not change your circumstances and should find the
joy in everything you do. This kept needling me. I prayed
over it for three days. Then the news came...
God knew and held me up.

We are being evicted from our apartment. The home we
rent has been sold at sheriff sale. We sort of knew it was
coming. We have a home to move into and have slowly
been doing some repairs and painting. However I didn't
know it was going to happen that suddenly. We have a
lot of work ahead and only about 45 days to do it. My
thought right away was you can't change your circumstances
you have to think of the good. We will be moving into
a larger home. My girls will have their own rooms and
it will be a bit closer to my church family. I will put aside
my worry of heating the larger home for now. We will have
a roof over our head.

After this news I was going to take daddy to work because
I had to set up for our church bazaar. The woes of having
one car. As we pulled out... Our one car broke down.
So now we have a car to fix and are supposed to move.
Two whammys in one day. Did you ever see that game
show where you have to pick the right spot or you
get a whammy. Three whammys and you are done. It's
a matter of whatever happens happens. These are my
whammys. As I sit to ponder all of this and take it in
my kitchen chair broke, whammy 3. Minor insult to injury.

I can't change my circumstance I repeat.

It gets worse. We receive a call that Dads Cousin
passed on, a very young man who took his own life. A
man who worked with trouble teens and made such a
huge difference in this world. The why is enormous and
heavy on my heart. But again I can't change this.

Sprinkled among this were little blessings. They come
as huge joys of Gods light. At the church bazaar a friend
came to my white elephant table. Her friend is ill and she is
watching her children. I take the price off one of the packages and
pass it to the little girls to give to her mom. Later I hear
the mom collects the cloth pumpkins hidden in the package.
That small token, that small sense of joy. The news of this
comes at a time when I need it. God knows.

Our children dressed in their armor at our church. Presenting
the armor of God. Our hard work at children's ministry
realized. The smiles of all is contagious. I need this I breathe
it in. God knows

My step daughter brings the new baby to visit. Daddy and
her husband push away old arguments for the baby.
Daddy for me and the baby. Push this anger aside and
he invites them for Thanksgiving dinner. I smell the
new baby smell. I need this. God knows.

And so today I begin organizing myself for Thanksgiving
and our future endeavors.I know all to soon the house will
be filled with boxes and I will say good bye and hello to new
chapters in life. I can't change my circumstances but God can.
I can only hope to what is ahead. I breathe it in , God knows.

Ask me if I'm this calm in a few weeks.

Warm Blessings,



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