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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Report Part 3

At this point your child should have....

1. Chosen a book of their choice and interest
2. Read the book
3. Brain stormed word ideas.
4. Set up an outline.

Now its time to begin to write a rough draft. Your
child should use the outline that they created to help
them get writing. The Letters in the outline will represent
a new paragraph. Each individual number under each
will represent a new sentence. Other sentences and
paragraphs may be added. Your outline is a guide to
you/ your child so they know where to begin.

Next step Revisions... Give yourself time to write a
revision children shouldn't be in a hurry for it to be
complete. You can put it aside for a few days and come
back to it if you need to. Try several lessons to improve
it. You could do a lesson on imagery by adding more
descriptive words to your writing. You could add words
that make sounds. You should also at this time create
a introductory sentence that grabs your readers attention
and a concluding sentence that rounds up what you want
to say along with your opinion of the book.

Now it's time to get some criticism. If possible allow another
child to read
the book report as it is or a family member.
Be open to their advice to improve and go back and
try adding a few more things. Once you are satisfied it is
time to Edit your work. Here are a few questions to ask

Do you have complete sentences?
Did you use proper punctuation?
Are your words spelled properly?
(use your dictionary to correct mistakes)
Did all of your sentences make sense?
Did you use imagery to spark the readers attention?
Do you have a gripping opening sentence?
Do you have a final closing sentence?
Does your book report tell about the book but not
give away to much information/

Last of all publish your book report. Type or write
it in your best handwriting, blog or glog about it.
Add your own drawings to it and then share it with
another or your local library. Our library has a book
review page for Children to submit their favorite books.

Happy Writing,



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