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Friday, November 18, 2011

Artistic Hands

Artistic Emotions is our place to share our Art. Art
is an important component in our lives. Enjoy.

One day this week the kids were sitting at the table drawing
and "Sweet pea" wanted me to trace her hand. I took a pencil
and traced her hands and feet. Then I went over it with
sharpie since she wanted to try her hand at markers.
After both of the children were finished coloring we wrote
on the paper things about themselves.

This was a fun relaxing activity. PS Sweet pea was covered in
marker. Love the washables.

I love "Spirits" Spiderman foot.

Spirit also created this drawing of some of a Kings
court. Love the trancing eyes and big hands.

Art by Spirit Age 5

Superboy has been working on a weaving project. We used
Multicolored yarn for a colorful effect. Not quite complete
as of yet.

Superboy Age 11

Warm Blessings,



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