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Monday, November 21, 2011

Breathe it in, God knows

We are waaay off Center to begin our week.

*If you are looking for Toddler Time come back tomorrow
You'll see why when you read below.

The trouble sprinkled with good started out with a strong
urge to connect with God. I pulled out an old devotional
book and flipped through it. I came upon a lesson on being
involved in centering your life around yourself. How you
could not change your circumstances and should find the
joy in everything you do. This kept needling me. I prayed
over it for three days. Then the news came...
God knew and held me up.

We are being evicted from our apartment. The home we
rent has been sold at sheriff sale. We sort of knew it was
coming. We have a home to move into and have slowly
been doing some repairs and painting. However I didn't
know it was going to happen that suddenly. We have a
lot of work ahead and only about 45 days to do it. My
thought right away was you can't change your circumstances
you have to think of the good. We will be moving into
a larger home. My girls will have their own rooms and
it will be a bit closer to my church family. I will put aside
my worry of heating the larger home for now. We will have
a roof over our head.

After this news I was going to take daddy to work because
I had to set up for our church bazaar. The woes of having
one car. As we pulled out... Our one car broke down.
So now we have a car to fix and are supposed to move.
Two whammys in one day. Did you ever see that game
show where you have to pick the right spot or you
get a whammy. Three whammys and you are done. It's
a matter of whatever happens happens. These are my
whammys. As I sit to ponder all of this and take it in
my kitchen chair broke, whammy 3. Minor insult to injury.

I can't change my circumstance I repeat.

It gets worse. We receive a call that Dads Cousin
passed on, a very young man who took his own life. A
man who worked with trouble teens and made such a
huge difference in this world. The why is enormous and
heavy on my heart. But again I can't change this.

Sprinkled among this were little blessings. They come
as huge joys of Gods light. At the church bazaar a friend
came to my white elephant table. Her friend is ill and she is
watching her children. I take the price off one of the packages and
pass it to the little girls to give to her mom. Later I hear
the mom collects the cloth pumpkins hidden in the package.
That small token, that small sense of joy. The news of this
comes at a time when I need it. God knows.

Our children dressed in their armor at our church. Presenting
the armor of God. Our hard work at children's ministry
realized. The smiles of all is contagious. I need this I breathe
it in. God knows

My step daughter brings the new baby to visit. Daddy and
her husband push away old arguments for the baby.
Daddy for me and the baby. Push this anger aside and
he invites them for Thanksgiving dinner. I smell the
new baby smell. I need this. God knows.

And so today I begin organizing myself for Thanksgiving
and our future endeavors.I know all to soon the house will
be filled with boxes and I will say good bye and hello to new
chapters in life. I can't change my circumstances but God can.
I can only hope to what is ahead. I breathe it in , God knows.

Ask me if I'm this calm in a few weeks.

Warm Blessings,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Artistic Hands

Artistic Emotions is our place to share our Art. Art
is an important component in our lives. Enjoy.

One day this week the kids were sitting at the table drawing
and "Sweet pea" wanted me to trace her hand. I took a pencil
and traced her hands and feet. Then I went over it with
sharpie since she wanted to try her hand at markers.
After both of the children were finished coloring we wrote
on the paper things about themselves.

This was a fun relaxing activity. PS Sweet pea was covered in
marker. Love the washables.

I love "Spirits" Spiderman foot.

Spirit also created this drawing of some of a Kings
court. Love the trancing eyes and big hands.

Art by Spirit Age 5

Superboy has been working on a weaving project. We used
Multicolored yarn for a colorful effect. Not quite complete
as of yet.

Superboy Age 11

Warm Blessings,


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Show Emotion

I have noticed lately a huge upswing in moods with my Middle
school son. I suppose just as I am thinking and pondering
his boyhood to manhood he may inadvertently be thinking
on it himself. We often look at the way society sees women
but forget what role a young man may have to face.

We expect men to be strong, to not show emotion, to
respect women but be open to their needs and emotions.
We expect protection, leadership, and faithfully caring for
their family. All of the things that I wrote about last week
plus some. There is a heavy burden on these young men.

This week my heart is saddened. We received a phone
call last night that our step nephew committed Suicide.
The burden of life must have been to great. I wonder
with my whole heart what went wrong. This was a boy
who always was so cheerful to everyone. What filled this
young male with such grief. He was just beginning adult
life at the young age of 20. This news has been very
devastating to the family as you can imagine. As a mother
my thoughts go to my boys. The fear of that situation
Is heart wrenching.

So yet again I think on what I can do to help elevate
this stress in my son/ sons and yet still lead them to
a leadership position in life that isn't scary or to difficult.

My first thought is not to push to early for Independence.
To allow him to move forward at his pace. I really feel
as if I have been doing a lot of pushing. There is a nice
middle there of getting things done and not over extending.

Always always give affection just as you would your
daughters. This one is difficult at times as boys become
embarrassed by the attention at a certain age from their
mothers. Yet I think it is important to express anyway you
can your love for your child.

Let him know that real boys do cry. When I first found out
I had a son I wanted him to be sensitive. I heard that
if you allowed your small son to play with dolls they would
learn a heart for caring for others. Superboy has a huge heart.
I have not idea if it came from dolls but I want him to also
know that he can tell me how he feels. There is no embarrassment
of putting yourself out there. Communication communication.

I want him to learn that it is ok to be weak and show

weakness and Fear. We all do. None are perfect.

When my son does open up to talk. I will make sure I

am there ready to listen. I will tell you time and again
Listening and communicating is the key to getting
through these years with a happy smile.

I also am aware that my son does not respond to our
talks as quickly as his sisters might. He likes to think
about it for awhile before he chooses what he thinks. I have
noticed this with other males in our church congregation. They
ponder first. I pledge to allow this leadership quality
to grow.

This boyhood to man thing is a huge undertaking. One
I won't take lightly.

Warm Blessings,
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Newest Baby

We welcome to our family our newest Grandbaby.
Our Newest baby boy is the sweetest.

Congratulations to Jess and Alan.

And me . Babies are the nicest smelling people I know.

Warm Blessings,


Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Leaves

"Sweet Pea" is still recuperating from her hand, foot and mouth
during her leaf week. She is well but you can tell she tires more
quickly. So we kept our play time at a minimum. After laying
around for much of the day she got up and wanted to play.
I pulled out our concept basket filled with leaves.

It is very interesting how different children can be.
When Spirit had this activity when he was younger
he threw the leaves in the air and practically swam
in the leaves. Then he'd rake them up with his hands.
"Sweet pea" would daintily toss them over the basket.
If any fell out she scoop them back in before doing it
again. I tried to show her she could get them out of
The container but she'd put them back in anyway.
She did line them up on the floor and then pick
them up again.

I also had some plastic gourds and flowers. I wish
I had left more of a stem on the flowers. She kept
wanting to put them in her hair.

Toward the end of the week. When she was feeling much
better. I took her out to explore the leaves. She loved
the crunch under her feet.

When Spirit threw the leaves though she was less
than thrilled.

Finger plays were great fun while laying down on the
sofa. We did many more than I can list here but here
are a few favorites.

Counting apples

Five red apples
Hanging in the tree ( hold up fingers)
The juiciest apples you ever did see!!
The wind came past
and gave an angry frown (shake head and look angry)
and the little apple came tumbling down
Four red apples (etc..)

Falling leaves

Pretty little falling leave (both hands high)
Falling , falling down (hands fall down)
Tumbling over each other (roll hands)
Until they reach the ground
(place hands and body on floor)

Since Sweet pea was resting much of her time
Her favorite book and art this week were activity books.
We have several of them but this is her favorite. She has
since moved on to a states and capital book that the older
boys have. She likes drawing over the pictures.
Wipe Clean Animal Activity book

Warm blessings,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The College Choice Question

My daughter is in her freshman year in college. She is doing
pretty well there. It has been an exciting time for her and
a difficult time for mom letting her go. I remember way
back when she was in college trying to make those touchy
college choices. It was all really overwhelming. Each step
was a process. First she had to decide if she wanted to
go to college. Heart wasn't sure at all what she wanted.
She took a year off to work. It was a little scary. I surely
didn't want her working at a pizza restaurant her entire life.
So I gently moved her along to the next steps in trying
to find the right college. I found this great article
How we helped with College. I decided it would be
fun to answer the questions from the magazine article
myself, plus you can go and read the answers other
parents gave.

Again as I said Heart was a little hesitant to decide

where she wanted to go to school. I had to gently nudge
her along. Family and friends began helping by suggesting
colleges that were good for their family. Location was a
huge deal to Heart. She didn't want to go far from home.
She said she couldn't be far from her mom. However at
this point she is so busy I barely see her anyway. We are
reduced to text messages even when we are in the same
house. I have to make sure when she is home to just
hone in on her. It has been a challenge with schooling
the other children but it's working. After much talk
about school but no action. I prayed and prayed and then
signed her up for some college visits. This was the
turning point that got her more excited about attending.
At the college she ended up choosing she actually found
friends there she knew. This really helped in the process
of choice. Plus the college was small like the high school
she was used to. It really was the right choice for her.
I'd suggest writing a few wants down before you go.
Then see if this college fits you. Take money along
because if the school is a hit. You gotta come home
with the shirt that says so.

We all tried to give her other suggestions but she
was really set on this choice. I wanted her to make sure

this was what she wanted and not just because it was
close and she knew people. It is really helpful to give
guidance but most importantly to listen. If they don't
like where they are they won't stay in the long run.
I have seen several teens do just that. Be careful you
aren't pushing them to far in a direction that doesn't
feel comfortable to them.

Choosing the college really was the easy part. The
difficult process of financial aid and paper work is the
scary part. You keep thinking we are really doing this
and it's such a huge expense. We better be sure. The
college made things simpler for us by sending us reminders
and steps of completion. It was scary looking at than
it was actually doing it when it was said and done.

I find myself again at this junction. I have a freshman
in high school at the moment. We have been throwing
around ideas of what she wants to do in her future. It
begins now. The process of talking and looking at
careers and so we will soon begin taking a peek at some
school options again. Princess has some learning disabilities
so we are leaning more towards a trade school. Hopefully
not all to different than college searching.

I will post more about college as Princess moves
through the process and Heart starts her next semester.


Book Report Part 3

At this point your child should have....

1. Chosen a book of their choice and interest
2. Read the book
3. Brain stormed word ideas.
4. Set up an outline.

Now its time to begin to write a rough draft. Your
child should use the outline that they created to help
them get writing. The Letters in the outline will represent
a new paragraph. Each individual number under each
will represent a new sentence. Other sentences and
paragraphs may be added. Your outline is a guide to
you/ your child so they know where to begin.

Next step Revisions... Give yourself time to write a
revision children shouldn't be in a hurry for it to be
complete. You can put it aside for a few days and come
back to it if you need to. Try several lessons to improve
it. You could do a lesson on imagery by adding more
descriptive words to your writing. You could add words
that make sounds. You should also at this time create
a introductory sentence that grabs your readers attention
and a concluding sentence that rounds up what you want
to say along with your opinion of the book.

Now it's time to get some criticism. If possible allow another
child to read
the book report as it is or a family member.
Be open to their advice to improve and go back and
try adding a few more things. Once you are satisfied it is
time to Edit your work. Here are a few questions to ask

Do you have complete sentences?
Did you use proper punctuation?
Are your words spelled properly?
(use your dictionary to correct mistakes)
Did all of your sentences make sense?
Did you use imagery to spark the readers attention?
Do you have a gripping opening sentence?
Do you have a final closing sentence?
Does your book report tell about the book but not
give away to much information/

Last of all publish your book report. Type or write
it in your best handwriting, blog or glog about it.
Add your own drawings to it and then share it with
another or your local library. Our library has a book
review page for Children to submit their favorite books.

Happy Writing,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


What type of qualities would you like for your son to have
after they leave the nest? (or while they are home)

Many of the character traits I'd like to see in my son
are already there, some need more work and Some are well
defined. I don't want my son to go out into the world and
become a burden to his wife one day. Do others think
about this? I think the thought is more in the forefront with
the way things are today. It seems more and more men
leave their families or are lazy about taking care of their
families. Of course I am not generalizing there are many
women that make a mess of things too. Just the thought
is on my son in this post. So it got me to thinking what
qualities do I want him to possess. Here are the top 10
I am sure there are more. What would be your 10
wish list of things of importance for you to pass to your
son. Sometimes I think it's harder because we are the
mom to relate to our boys. We have to find ways to
do that and still make men.

Top 10 Qualities ...

1. Christan Character- My hope is that he will
first reflect the character and qualities of Christ in
his life.

"...Be conformed to the image of [God's] Son." (Romans 8:29)

2. Determination- Accomplishing his goals in God's time.
Being all that God intends him to become.

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course,
I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me
the crown of righteousness." (2 Timothy 4:7,8)

3. Patience- Accepting what comes to him. Being patient
with Women and children . Understanding their feelings
and really listening to them.

"Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and
always be prayerful." (Romans 12:12 NLT)

4. Wisdom- Desiring God and knowing how to apply that
To his life. Being able to discern what is important to
him and his family.

"Oh, how I love your law! I think about it all day long.
Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for your commands
are my constant guide." (Psalm 119:97-98)

5. Attentiveness- Acknowledging the worth of other
people. Paying attention to the words and ideas of

"...We must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard,
or we may drift away from it." (Hebrews 2:1 NLT)

6. Cautiousness but boldness at the same time.
knowing when to act and when to wait. All in Gods

"Zeal without knowledge is not good; a person who
moves too quickly may go the wrong way." (Proverbs 19:2 NLT)

7. Commitment- Committing self to Christ and to
others .

"Guard that which is committed to thy trust." (1 Timothy 6:20)

8. Compassion- Willing to help others and lend a hand w
when it is needed.

"And Jesus, moved with compassion, put forth his hand,
and touched him." (Mark 1:41)

9. Dependability- Others being able to rely on him
when he is needed. Knowing that he will do what he
says and mean it.

"Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be
found faithful." (1 Corinthians 4:2)

10. Endurance- In this world we need to be able move
forward in life no matter what comes our way.

"And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due
time we shall reap if we do not grow weary." (Galatians 6:9)

When I started this list I thought it would be difficult to
complete but honestly I could have written several more
once I got started
Add you thoughts in the comments section. What
qualities would you want your son to possess or daugher?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey Time Games

It's Turkey Time!! Thanksgiving here in the States is
one of my favorite Holidays. I love watching the Macys
parade Live from New York City while a turkey is baking in
the oven and the house is warm with lovely smells. The children
become excited as Santa makes his way to Macy's at the end
of the parade. Waving in the Christmas season. It means being
Thankful for the year, being thankful to God, Shopping, baking
and most importantly Family Time. It was only fitting to create
and search for some fun Thanksgiving Games.
I created this game to practice Spirits Site words. It is taking
him some time to get the hang of learning them. He absolutely
loved playing over and over. There are more cards and words
in the set. These are the words he is working on right now.
I printed off 3 of each word and layed them on the table. You
could easily put this in a pocket chart. Behind two of the
words I placed a Thanksgiving ticket. If he finds both he
wins the game. He chooses a card and reads it first. Then
he can search for the Thanksgiving Ticket. You can print the
game from my file for share the file is called Thanksgiving
or you can go here Thanksgiving Turkey Site word game .

Spirit Created his own game after we played. We layed the
cards face down. He choose a site word to find such as is.
Then he had three incorrect chances to find all the is words.
He often creates his own games after we play a game. He
seems to have other visions for our learning tools. This one
was a keeper.

This game I created from another activity I already had.
I had the Turkey number cards with triangle feathers from
last year. I as gifted the turkey game but you could create
one simply by tracing your childs shoe for the body. Cut out
10 bodies 11 if you'd like 0. Number them from 0-10. Add
eyes and beaks. Then cut different colored feathers.

To play have your child pick two turkeys from the pile.
(I only pictured one) Allow them to choose from the feather
pile/triangles any colors of their choice. This turkey has a 5
on him so he gets 5 feathers. Then from the turkeys count up
each number of feathers and marke it on the chart. I put ours
under a plastice pocket sleeve so we can use it again. After
we collect our data I asked questions such as...
Which is the most color feather used?
Which is the least color feather used?
Which are equal?
How many more red are there than blue?

You can print my turkey feather chart here
Color Feather Chart

This game I am sharing because I absolutely love it!!
It comes from a new learning site I came across yesterday.
You can learn more about the More or less game by
visiting Kindergarten Crayons and print it out to use
in your school room.

Warm Blessings,


Monday, November 7, 2011

Toddler time Cancelled

Toddler time this week was cancelled. My little Sweet Pea
was a very sick little pea. She contracted Hand, foot and mouth
viral. Some of my older children have had this before but not
to this extent. Sweet pea had blisters in her mouth, around her
mouth, a rash that looked a little like pimples that would open
and scab. This rash was on her hands, arms, legs, feet, head
and other places. It was a long long couple of days. She
has been very fussy, so last week we did no Toddler time.

This morning she is feeling better. Many of her scabs have
turned to small little sores. The blisters in her mouth
are mostly gone except for one that was huge in her right
cheek. This week we will begin Toddler time again and will
have photos for you next Monday.

Blessings all,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quiet Defiance

For a long time now I did not have a name for what I some
times see in my son. From the time he was small he was
very quiet. He would sit in his car seat and play intently
by himself. I took it as him being settled with himself and
he was a boy which was different than my other two
previous children. At that time that may just have been what it
was contentment. But as he became older his behavior didn't
change much he continued to be less vocal than most
children sitting with his drawing paper much of the afternoon.
As he has settled into the preteen age I have noticed a
pattern of quiet defiance. I'll ask him to pick up something
and will see him visually picking it up but then find it laying
on the stairs instead of putting it away. I'll ask him to do an
assignment but later find it laying in a mess on his bedroom
floor or I'll ask him to clean his room and come to find him
half cleaning it and continuing on his day as if he had cleaned
it already. It can be tiring as a parent to watch. Now I am
not talking about the occasional forgetfulness. I am talking
about a constant apparent lack of forgetfulness. I have
come to realize that this is his way of "handling the situation",
which turns out isn't exactly passive or being lazy as one
might think. He is staking his control over .... well.... Me.

It has taken me sometime to realize this. I had given up
somewhat on keeping up with his eccentrics which is what
I told myself it was. He did hit genius levels on some testing
which I often told myself and used as an excuse....
and was allowing the behavior . Lots of ands and excuses in that
sentence. I was left scratching my head and wondering why
he wasn't motivated. I even got a book at the library about
unmotivated boys . I never did finish reading it because it
had no concrete end result. I decided it was time to
demand a change from him . As I
push the boundries and
help him recognize what he is doing in my own quiet way.
I am seeing results. I thought I'd share with you today
Incase you find yourself in the same situation with your
middle School boy.

Here is how Quite Defiance as I call it works:

I asked Superboy a few days ago to put away his laundry.
A day later I found a tash bag and wanted to know what
was in it . It turned out it was his laundry. I asked
him again to put the laundry away by the end of that day.
That day the laundry was still in the bag and I added more.
Now he has laundry in a bag and in his bed. Did he that
day complete the task. Not at all. Now normally I would
get upset/possibly yell at him but that only means that he Won.
Instead I will go up and walk him through step by step
to make sure it gets done. It is taking a lot of work
to make sure things are accomplished but I am seeing
him doing work on his own at times too.

Take for example yesterday. He decided to go grocery
shopping with me. He helped with the baby. He unloaded
the shopping cart. Helped load the goceries to the car and
then to the house. Way way more than he normally would do.

His Quiet defiance is covering up his anger in
something. Now I don't think that Superboy is in an extreme
state of anger but I think it could lead to that If I don't stop
it now. If not caught now it could really lead to problems
later in his life and isn't that what I am here to do. Keep
watch over my children. Basically he has trouble
communicating his feeling about the things I am asking him
to do, which them creates resentment and the I'm going
to ignore this instead of dealing with my feelings.

Here is what has worked for us:

If I see him dragging his feet then I need to sit
down and talk to him. Questioning and allowing him
to talk it out helps. Most of the time he talks himself
into what I am asking.

When we talk about what is going on it often comes
up that the task seems to challenging for him. So I

break it up into pieces so he doesn't have all the work at
once. Or for Assignments fold the page in half and work
on the top half and then come back to do the bottom half.
I Ask questions to get him over the first challenge then
he often becomes secure and tackles the rest of the

Helping him be organized or teaching him to be organized
is a something we are continuing to work on. Organizing
myself is something I am really good at but when I think
back to my teen years I certainly was not in the least
organized. I learned by trial and error. I now teach my son
organizational skills to help him along. It is giving him
confidence and security in what he is doing. Right down
to the steps to getting that laundry away.

If he still does not complete a task I am asking then
I need to stand firm and watch over him until it is complete.
There have to be consequences and rewards too. With this
sort of passiveness it can be tiring to make sure it gets
done each and everytime. I just want to assume he did it
and then later I realize he didn't. Then he won again because
I didn't follow through. It is so important to keep on your toes
and keep a vigil. Biggest Biggest thing is to talk talk talk.
Don't allow communication to break down. You will really
really need it in the teen years.

Warm blessings,

Miss Spiders Tea Party

We created another fun Math Journal from Kim's Jazzy Journals.
Spirit Created his spider and then counted the number
of legs, eyes etc...He really enjoys these. I hope to create
more for him. The idea is awesome! Thanks Kim. I love it!

We read Miss Spiders Tea Party. It sort of
Fits in with the Halloween week. Miss Spider keeps
inviting the bugs to tea but none of them want to come
because they are Afriad of Miss Spider. They don't
want to be eaten. A really cute Story. Spirit picked
up the treasury of Miss spider at the library and enjoyed
other stories as well.

Along with our reading of Miss Spider I went with the word
family Bug. Spirit is beginning to put word sounds together
more easily now and is just starting to glaze the surface
of beginning reading. It is so exciting to see.

We then made a journal entry about our story. Spirit filled
in the words he knew and we read it together. Then
He drew his own Miss Spider.

Warm Blessings,


5 Minutes for Moms

Good day to all of you!! I wanted to stop in and tell you about a
really neat website that I have enjoyed since I began blogging.
5 Minutes for Moms is an informative site created Just for moms.
Each Year 5 Minutes for moms gives gifts to those in need.
There was a time , 2 years ago to be exact that Daddy
had just come out of the hospital with Congestive Heart
failure and diabetes. It was a tough time and instantly he was
unable to work. It was a struggle to keep ourselves afloat
until I was able to secure work. 5 Minutes for moms came to
our aid during the holiday Season. They sent us an awesome
printer, train from playskol that plays music and balls are
inserted inside, Spirit got his Fireman outfit that he still puts
on whenever he can, gift cards for the teen girls and an
abc magnet set. They were so kind and this is my way of
Thanking them. If you know of anyone that is in need this
holiday Season please put in their name. It will be a
great blessing to them and help take the burden from their
hearts. If you'd like to nominate someone visit for details.

While you are there visiting make sure you enter yourself
in the Annual Christmas giveaway. In the past I have won
a Crockpot, clothing, Jewelery and a toy. So don't think
You can't win. It is possible. Stop in for rules and details.

Warm Blessings,

Keep in Touch

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment or leave a message in my message box. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank- you for visiting Angels of Heart.

Rejoice in the Lord Always.