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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Writing a Book Report Part 1 Choosing a book, Read and Play with Words

How to write a good book report.

Step 1- Choose a book that you enjoy. It is easiest to write
about a story you like. If you are writing a book review then it
doesn't matter if you like it or not. When your writing a book
report it makes things easier if you enjoyed the story. Do
some research before choosing your book. Try finding something
that interests you. Once you have the book do the 5 finger test
to make sure it isn't to hard for you. Open to any
page in the story and begin reading. When you come across a
word you don't know put up your finger. If you get to the bottom
and have 5 fingers up then you probably need to choose something
else. For our purposes Superboy choose to read Freckle Juice
by Judy Blume

Step 2 - Take your time and enjoy the story. Look at any pictures
to help you along and READ.

Step 3- Play with Words- This is something fun to do
before you begin writing. It helps you become creative and
have fun with your writing. All you do is think of one character
or one part of the story and brain storm words that would
explain this character or item. Such as:

Freckle Juice- Watery slime, Icky mess, Goey Juice,
frothy mixture

freckles- sprinked face, Spots of brown

You get the idea. It's fun to keep a play with words in
a special word book. You can create a topic for each word.
Later when writing you can look back on it and use it in
other material .



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