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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last Year in Pre School we did a few activities with Bats
and the Story Stellaluna. Spirit loved the story but was
ready for a different level of learning. Here is what
we did last year Stelluna Batty Cup.
We made these brown paper bag Bats and acted out the story.
They were more fun to just fly around the room.

We worked on our rhyming words by using the word family at.
He did wonderfully with writing and reading the word list.
He was proud to read it to every member of the family.

For his reading journal we created this writing
assignment. He filled in the site words and his
bat word. We also created a diagram of things
that are different about bats and birds and things
that are alike. He easily gave ideas. Some I hadn't
thought of.

We Created some fun toilet tube bats to hang in our
kitchen for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Happy Halloween,


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