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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I feel rather stretched to the limit. There are things going on
that I can't talk about yet but it is for the better. It is just

taking a lot of time and energy to prepare. Beside that my
mind is constantly on teaching my children and teaching the
bible to other peoples children. Our Sunday school lesson has
been so neat. It has been a big project and the kids are loving
every second of it. I'll share when they are through.

I feel as a women I am in constant preparation mode. I am
always pre.. paring for the next thing. In doing so I find
myself always looking forward. It's often hard to settle into
the now but God is great at reminding me. For me the
preparation is just as fun as seeing their excitement over the

activity I have given. Sometimes I think I should have been
some sort of party planner or event coordinator. The only big
problem with this for me is I find I am often in my own
thoughts and have to jiggle myself out of it. How my brain
holds it all is so awesome.


I'm feeling rather nostalgic this evening. Our refrigerator
went out and my grandma had one for us to use that she
no longer needed. While there she showed us some things
grandpa had cut out of wood before he passed. Still sitting
on the table how many years now. She showed

Us the stash of canes he carved and a replica of their home
he created. I always feel like he is right there with her when
I go there. It is hard to be in that space. Even that space in
the basement brings back so many memories from when
my brother and I were kids. We spent many summers in
the cool of that room playing and talking. I wish my children
could experience the closeness that we all seemed to have
then. Time and business do away with that childhood activity.



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