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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Phonics hopscotch

Awhile ago I came across this great idea for learning letter
recognition at Jamin's Blog . I am not sure where exactly in her blog
I found it anymore but I know it's there somewhere.

All you need is some craft foam, scissors and
markers. Trace your childs shoe onto the craft foam and
cut 26 for the number of ABC's. Write the letters with
sharpie onto each foot. Your child can then hop around
to the different letters as you call them out or you can
call them out for them. I have also used them for a fun
way to practice spelling with older children.

Recently I thought of a new use for the feet. I layed
the letters on the floor that Spirit is working on to
learn them phoneticly. I placed them to look like a Hopscotch.
We used our ABC cards turning them upside down on the
table. Spirit then choose a card from the pile. Named the letter.
Found the letter on the floor and laid his card on top of it.
As he hopped through the hopscotch he hoped the phonetic
sound of that letter. Great fun and easy too.

After Spirit had the idea to hide the feet around the room.
So the older kids and I took turns hiding them . Spirit then
found them and named the letter and sound. It worked so
well I had to share it.



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