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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moms Journal Autumn

Cleaning Out

We have been having a wonderful time here. Well I have been
more than the kids. I have gotten in the mood to clean things
out and throw things away. I feel like all of this stuff is just
coming in at me and I can't take that. It stresses me out. I'm
not sure how they collected so much but it is finding a new home.
We are donating and giving to our church rummage sale. To me
it's freeing. To my oldest son its painful, but he survived yesterday
and now his room looks fabulous. My parents surprised the kids
with new mattresses for their beds. They were really needed.
It was nice to know that they were all snug in their beds last
night and comfortable. Now I need to get the boys new comforter


It has been an active week. We also attended a ceremony at the
college for Heart. She received a certificate of recognition for
receiving the Deans Scholarship. It was a lovely ceremony and
after they had a little breakfast and gave away some nice
thermal mugs. Who doesn't enjoy something free.


I have other exciting news. Heart got her drivers license.
I am excited that I don't have to drive so much but worried
every second of the day. Then the call came last night that
she was in a car accident. She wasn't driving but her boyfriend
was. His car is a mess. Thanksfully both of them are fine.
Someone hit and then ran. She said she was so scared because
she had never been in an accident before. Possibly she will be more
careful now when she is driving. God can only protect her and
I rely on that thought.

Illness and Rain

It is raining here and rather cold. I love the cooler weather.
Autumn is my favoite season. I am anticipating the color
change of the leaves and wearing jackets. The dampness isn't
helping my cough much. I was sick last week but the cough
is just hanging on. It gets so bad that I can't stop sometimes.
I may just have to visit the dr. office this week to get something
for it.

We are heading out for church services today. Then
moving some furniture for my parents. Then grocery shopping.
Then cleaning putting somethings in storage. Then bring down
the fall decorations. Then going to youth. Umm we might eat
in there somewhere too. I hate to work on Sunday but if
I don't things won't get done.



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