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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Middle School boys brains

Girls process information by Stimuli. Boys by compartmentalizing
Girls are better at interpreting facial features. Boys
Take more risks and are attracted to violence.

Boys account for a large amount of a learning

Boys represent 90% of discipline referrals

I found this guy in my sons room. He is towering tall. His claw
reaches for you as you walk by. His brain is visible from the
outside and his eyes are menacing and watching.

As I ponder his education which I think about often. I realize
how different he learns compared the the girls.
As a side thought to myself as I am a Girl which might
make my teaching style more for a girl. It is already
difficult to understand the male species. How then am
I to teach someone who runs on compartmentalizing
when I myself run on emotion. It's a big question that I
think many mothers wonder about. Especially it seems when
they hit the middle grades. The difference suddenly jump
out at you (me)

Type in your search engine and you will find several good
articles on the difference of teaching boys. Try it just
type in teaching boys and see what you get. I found many
informative articles and this is what I learned.

1. Use good visuals if you are verbally giving information.
Something that they can hold during a story or lesson that
goes along with that activity.

2. Pause to provide time for thinking

3.Provide physical maniplatives. Things they can hold
and move to create an end result so they can see how it
works and feel how it is.

4.Allow for movement. This is a huge one for my young

son. He often takes many minute breaks. Why not for my
older son too. Send them on a mini errand to come back
and work again. Superboy often stands while we school.
Spirit wiggles so much at times he is half rolling in my lap.
(It is exhausting to me to watch and deal with but I allow
it and he learns.)

5. Do not take away physical play for a punishment, which
I never do so not one for me. Thought I'd share anyway .

6. Boys need extra time to complete a task. I hear don't rush
him . This is something I have done. I have to be careful
In my choice of wording.

7. Use vibrant colors in instruction to wake up the mind.

8. Greatest motivator!!! Teach in their interest area.

9. Color code files and materials to help them organize.

10. Boys like to shout so shout out those answers.

Warm Blessings,



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