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Monday, October 10, 2011

Magnet Play

Concept Basket:
One Chicka boom boom can palm tree, I later
added a baking sheet, baggie of magnets and magnet
baby playset.

This was hours of enjoyment. She wasn't as excited about putting
magnets on the tree. She tried that once . The rest of the
time she was playing with them on her cookie sheet. She
also put letters in her cooking pot. Picked them out one at
a time and said them with me. Then put them back in
stirred them up and did it again.

Bathtub coloring (no photos)
Loves playing with these in the tub.
You can get yours at the Crayola Online Store
or your local walmart. (PS I am able to have
time to clean most of my bathroom while art is
happening )

Rhyme Favorite this week:

Gray Squirrel

Gray Squirrel Gray Squirrel (hop like a squirrel)
Swish your bushy tail ( Shake your behind)
Gray Squirrel Gray Squirrel (hop like a squirrel)
Swish your bushy tail (shake your behind)
Wrinkle up your funny nose (wrinkle nose)
Hold an acorn in your toes (bend and touch your toes)

Favorite book this week:

You will find Squirrels at Amazon.
The text is a little much for a toddler but she loved
looking at the pictures of Squirrels and trying to say
their name.



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