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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Keeping Up...

Well I haven't been very good at keeping up with my
little blogspot lately. The rest of my life is organized
and together as much as it can be. Not to worry though
this week will be a week full of posts. :)

I was able to clean our attic out and organize the boxes
into areas of interest to our family. Books, holiday,
Toys to rotate and saved clothing for future use. I have
gathered a pile of clothes for donation and will escort those
out of the house a little at a time. While working I wasn't
very good at keeping our home together . Little
by little I see and feel a little more like I'm home. I
suppose I am still sitting on the edge of my seat wondering
when it will happen again but God is leading me to
sit and enjoy today. Which is hard for me sometimes.

I feel like my days are so full but they whiz right by me.
Sometimes as I lay my head down at night I think I
was just here wasn't I? The day spins by. I keep getting
older and older. There is so much I want to do yet in
my life. (Can you tell my birthday is on its way making me
39 years old. Another year and I'll be ugh 40)

The other day Spirit and I were discussing Halloween.
He was trying to decide what he'd like to be.
He said he'd like to be Jesus and hand out Swedish fish
and rolls. I'm not sure about that child sometimes.

Well off to my family have a happy weekend.



  1. I think Spirit's right on track. That would be a great way to share Jesus with others, because of course they would ask who he was and why. Children can come up with the best ideas sometimes. Have a blessed evening!


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