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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Book Look

As I am creating this post. It is snowing outside like crazy.
I really don't remember a time that we had snow this early.
I remember snow on Thanksgiving but not the end of Oct.
Our power seems to go in and out. Luckily it has come back
on so far. I'd like to share a list of some of the Halloween
books that we read this year. Some have become a tradition.

Big Pumpkin is a story of a witch who grows a pumpkin
in the hopes of making pumpkin pie but the pumpkin
grows to big for her to move. In her struggles her friends

come along and try to help her move the pumpkin.
None of them are successful. Smallest and last of all comes
the bat. You will have to see for yourself if the bat can help to get
the pumpkin inside to make pumpkin pie.
You can peek at Big Pumpkin By Erica Silverman
at Amazon or try looking searching U tube.

Bat Jamboree is a musical style rhyming/counting book.
Each year the bats gather together for a special musical.
The book is not Halloween related but the kids tend to
pull it off the shelf at this time of year.

Corduroy's Halloween is a cute story for the young preschool.
Lift the flap books are always fun. It's a surprise to see what

Is underneath the pumpkin or under the halloween costumes.
I love that the characters trick or treat for unicef.

Corduroys Halloween Lift a Flap book

This book I found at our local Library. It is a cute book
of children who's imagination runs wild. A little boy and
girl are to go get milk from town and something in the tree
frightens them. See if you can guess what it is.

Ghost Eye Tree

I love Gail Gibbons books and this one is no different.
It illustrates all the Halloween is and talks about how
some traditions came to be. Good for an introduction
of what Halloween is to a elementary child.

Halloween is by Gail Gibbons

I have check this book out of our local library several times.
It is a group of 13 newberry award writers telling short stories
all in one book. Makes for a fun read aloud.

Pumpkin Hill is a fun story about a farmer who
plants pumpkins and no one picks them. They
grow and grow till they take over the town. What
will they do with so many pumpkins.

Pumpkin Hill

Charlie likes School. His teacher uses a pumpkin
to teach his class about math. Gave this mom
some ideas when we open our pumpkin.

How many Pumpkin seeds

Happy Hallow Reading.


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