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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fun

Concept Basket:

This weeks concept basket was a fall felt board.
Sweet pea enjoyed this activity . I plan to leave it
for next week along with some fall leaves.

Here are some Scenes we created. We counted leaves,
Squrrels and pumpkins . We practiced saying their names.

Art:I have found that Art works best along with her brother. At times
I have to modify things but her part worked great.

I put together her face, hat and shirt. She added the straw
and loved every second of the gluing experience.
Can you tell which is hers. He is almost glowing.

Word plays and songs:

Instead of our normal finger play songs I pulled out a
old Cassette I had called bean bag activities and
coordination skills. Both Her and Spirit enjoyed
playing the games with the bean bags. Spirit
enjoyed the fast paced passing games and Sweet
pea liked the tossing the bean bag up song.

You can find the Bean bag Activities at Amazon.

Favorite book this week:
Is the Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons.
Sweet pea enjoyed the pictures and naming the pumpkins
Really a wonderful book full of color. Great attention
pictures for a toddler.

Warm Fall Blessings,


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