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Monday, October 17, 2011

Circle Week

This week in "Sweet Peas" Concept Basket-
Exploring Circles "Sweet Pea" found several Balls,
her favorite bracelets and her stacking buckets.
She wasn't as into this basket as some of the others.
At first she enjoyed tossing the balls around but the
basket took second to some of her other toys.

Art was the big hit. I precut circles and while cooking
dinner her and Spirit worked on glueing a circle collage.
"Sweet Pea" learned this day how to use the glue bottle.
She squeezed it onto the circle and pasted it to her paper.
She used a bit much glue but loved every second of it.

She also matched up the shapes on her paper. Under each
circle is most likely another just like it.

Spirit enjoyed the art as well but he was more into
trying to make it look like something. He has a wild

Rhymes and Songs:

Circle Rhyme

Circle, a circle,
Draw it round and fat.
(Use finger to draw circle in the air.)
A circle, a circle, Draw it for a hat.
(Draw a circle in the air over the head.)
A circle, a circle, Draw it just for me.
(Draw a circle in the air.)
A circle, a circle,
Now jump and count the three:
One! Two! Three!

Favorite Book of the Week:

Mouse Shapes

Wishing you Warm



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