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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Talking About God

Being a teenager can be very difficult. Especially when bombarded
by so many worldly activities. Finding God is sometimes the last
thing on these teens’ minds. So how do we help them have a
close relationship with God? Teen ages are the time when most
children begin to question everything. They question if God
exists. They question who they want to become and who they
are now. Everything about them is questioning. Some teens are
easy to talk to and open to new and old ideas, others not so much.

First before anything else, Pray. Prayer is often the neglected
activity when raising children and teens. Before anything
put yourself and your child before God. Pray for the knowledge
of God, Salvation, for yourself as a parent, patience, recognition
of your child's mistakes by your child, for love, spiritual stability,
to help bear burdens, for spiritual and emotional growth,
protection, faith in time of difficulty, contentment, unselfishness,
wisdom, confession, humility, gratitude, convictions, courage,
free from materialism, Peace, hope, justice... You get the idea.
You can find some good verses at Praying Scriptures

As parents I cannot stress enough the importance of good
communication . You have to be willing to listen first and
give advice where needed without sounding like
you are lecturing. It can be a hard puzzle to complete. Discussing
religion can also close a person off even if you have your best
intentions. I began teaching recently a teen class on Defending
your faith. It has been eye opening for me as well, I hope as
it has been for the teens. (some are more enthusiastic than others)
I highly recommend Art of Eloquence's Say what you mean
defending the Faith. I also recommend if you have a teen
who is unsure about their faith that you (the parent) take the
course too. It's also a good course for the teen that is
grounded in their faith and preparing to head off to college
or out into the world. This curriculum for teens will
also help you as a parent learn how to effectively
communicate your faith with your teens.

If your teens are willing you may also have them
do a little research on their own. Two great places
to go for answers is Answers in Genesis and Christian Answers.

Most of all don't give up. Don't stop praying. Don't stop
talking. Don't stop trying. Your child is worth saving.



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