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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What should I pray about, Mom?

I don't know what to pray about , Mom. Or What
should I say. Teach your children the five fingers to help
them know what to pray. Start by having your child put
their hands together in prayer.

Thumb- Your thumb is the closet to you so when you
begin to pray, pray first for you family and friends.

Pointer finger- Your pointer finger is always leading people
Use your pointer finger to remind you to pray for community
workers that are a help to you. Examples: Doctors, Dentists,
fire fighters, police etc..

Middle finger- Your middle finger is right in the middle of
everythigng just as our President is in the thick of things.
Pray for your president and representatives.

Ring finger- Your Ring finger is the weakest. Pray for those
that are sick, hungry , or weak in spirit.

Pinky finger- This is your smallest finger and last. Pray for
yourself last. Ask for his forgiveness.

Another fun thing to do surrounding prayer is to create a prayer
container. Many people like to use a box. I used a simple fall
kitchen container. Each week we pull the prayer container
out during our Co-op bible time. Children write their prayers
onto index cards and date them. We pray through the cards.
Then the following week we pull them out and see if any are
answered. It is fun to see the results that God has done for
us. It is a wonderful thing to do at home as well.



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