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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Water Play

I can't believe that Summer time is coming to an end. I feel
like we barely had time for play. Our family met at a nearby
park to spend some relaxing time together. I have been
wanting to take a day there all summer. Cousins, uncles,
aunts, grandparents, nieces and nephews came to play.

The kids loved playing in the water. From early morning
to later in the afternoon the boys stayed in the water.
Sweet pea was less aggressive about it but enjoyed the waters
edge just as much. They each had cups to search for treasures in
the cool water.

Here are some of Sweet peas Treasures. The boys had fish
and crayfish. Spirit had a collection of water bugs. I put
Heart on the task of taking photos. I got home to only
photos of Sweet pea. The family has sent a few to me
but I didn't want to post their families on without their
permission. So you only get Sweet pea. :)

Adults spent time grilling, talking , joking together and
watching the children.

A little dirt won't hurt.

Testing out the water.

This is Hearts favorite because she caught some of the splash.



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