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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teen Talk Stepping up when Mom needs help.

You may have noticed I was missing from my blog for a few days.
It started with Spirit. He was sick first with a stuffy head and
a croupy cough. He was really only down for a day. Then
Sweet pea got it next. Again hers was at its worst for a day.
Superboy got a little stuffy but nothing to keep him down.
When the kids get sick it is almost inevitable that I get it too.
It has really been a long time since I was down in that way.
Usually I can plow right through. This time was different. It
knocked me down. One night I actually woke up thinking someone
was talking to me. In reality it was the wheezing of my lungs.
Really not good. When I'd stand up I could barely see out of
my eyes everything was a blur. Today finally I feel better.
I am a little stuffy and still have somewhat of a cough but not
as bad as before. Being sick isn't fun but the great thing
was that my house didn't fall apart. My teens jumped
in and kept things going. I am so proud of their hard work.

Superboy who is not quite a teen yet but a preteen,
worked hard on his school lessons and made me breakfast
on a few of the days. Princess helped with Sweet pea and Spirit.
She played with them while I rested. She picked up the living areas
She gave them bathes in the evening with little help from
me. Just some supervising eyes. Yesterday she made dinner for all
of us. She made meat loaf, fried potatoes and candied
carrots. Pretty awesome too with some help from dad.
Heart kept Sweet pea in her room and played with her for an entire
afternoon while I slept. She kept the dishes done and still
managed her job and college studies.

I feel so blessed to have these children who are capable of
managing without me. It is good to know that they can do
all the things needed. That they can step up to the plate and
complete the necessary tasks without prompting or complaint.
That when they need to they can shine. It also makes me
realize that they can do so much more than they let on.
The secret is out of the bag guys. Now I know. Don't worry
I won't use it against you everyday. :P

P.S. Next week we will talk about Questions Teens
may have about the Bible and how to handle them.



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