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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teen Talk Rules of Facebook

Awhile ago my daughter had made a few phone calls that I
didn't recognize. When I questioned her about it she said
it was a boy she had met on facebook. That he was a friend
of another friend and she figured it was safe to talk to him.
She had called this boy on the phone several times. When
she mentioned his name my older daughter knew who he was.
He was much older than my 14 year old child. I had talked to
her about being safe on the Internet but I suppose the line
seemed so gray in this case that she wasn't sure. Nothing
terrible happened but it did seem rather odd that a 20 something
would want to befriend a 14 year old. I did ask her to delete this
boy from her facebook and to no longer call him on the phone.

Parents be vigilant. Be your childs "friend". Know your childs
password and check their page often. This isn't an invasion
of privacy this is their safety we are talking about. It is their
privilege to be on it and their privilege to have mom as a friend.

Think about what rules you want to have for facebook or other
social networks before they open the account. Think about
who they can be friends with. What photos can they post etc..

Here are are rules:

1. Your friends may only be people you know.
(now added no friends of friends)

2. No talking about others online. Remember that
it will always be in print if you type it. Think about what
you write that you really want others to read it.

3. No photos may be posted without permission.

4. Do not post your phone number or where you live
just to be on the safe side.

These are for my 14 year old. I am still working on the
list as I think of them. If you have one to share please
do so .



  1. Sounds like a good set of rules. My 17 yr. old son just got a Facebook account and I had a couple of rules similiar to what you have. One rule I did add was that he needed to tell his friends "no bad or crude language in their posts or comments". If they broke that rule, then he would have to delete their comment or post. Continued problems...then he'd have to "unfriend" them. So far, he's doing well with these rules. In this day, you can never be safe enough.



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