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Sunday, September 11, 2011

PA flood of 2011

It was raining pretty hard for the morning. Heart was
at college and I had to go pick her up. I was so concerned about
the creek going over the banks. When I passed by I could see
it was getting up there pretty high. It was starting to rise
into the yards of the people who lived by it. When the creek
goes over I have a very hard time getting home. I am
virtually surrounded by water. In town outside of the college
there was a huge puddle to drive through. After getting
Heart the puddle was a raging river. Ok maybe just a trickle.
I was able to pass through it but it was pretty scary.
I will never do that again. I did make it home and
it was not long before the water followed me up the street.

This second photo is from our yard.

You are able to stand on the top of the bridge in our town.
So the kids and I took a walk to see the damage. This is what
it looked like. It was much worse in the back fields and
lower lying areas.

Spirit dressed in his fire fighter suit. He puts it on whenever
there is any disturbance around here. He stands on the porch
and waves pretending to wave the traffic around. It is pretty
action packed.

The water is low now but our little bridge is condemned.
We have to take a long route to go anywhere. I hope it doesn't
take to long to fix as winter will be nipping at our doors soon.



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