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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Modeling Poetry

This week Spirit and I have been reading lots of poetry.
We read a poem about different colors and decided to create
one ourselves.

First we choose a color. Spirit choose black.

Then we created a list of everything we could think of that
is black. Cat, night sky, trucks, wheels, licorice, computers,
telephones, radios, chalk boards, screwdrivers, walls, dark,
and rocks.

Here is how it went:

I have tires.
I am a truck

I am hard and big.
I am a rock.

I am chewy.
I am called licorice.

I am Black.

The poem we read is called Theme in Yellow by
Carl Sanburg. This is from a read aloud program
from K12. The poem theme is yellow is about
pumkins in autumn and the face of a pumpkin. Spirit
also created this drawing. Little early for Fall but
we will save it for decorationing later in October.




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