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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Middle School Boys- Responsibility

Middle School boys and Responsibility doesn't always match
at least not in our house. I have to prod and push and push
harder to get results. It can be very difficult to motivate
some young men. But my son will someday be a legacy.
He will be important to this world and to his family. It is
imperative I don't raise another grown up child.
When I look around this world I see so many men not taking
responsibility for anything. One day I don't want to look
back and wish I had done something to make the lives
of others better. So many young men trample everyone
in their sight for their own selfish gain.

A few years ago I swore I would work hard to keep my son on
track. It hasn't been easy. He is not a self motivative type.
If I want his room clean I have to follow up with him
several times . I sometimes have to sit and supervise him.
Using rewards has helped some. I have to work hard to get him
to work hard. This ethic seems to be lost today in many
youth. If I don't push forward it will be his future. I won't
give up.

Perhaps taking care of something else would help.
My dad bought these birds for Superboy to care for.
He cares for them everytime he goes to
visit them. My dad says they are Silkies. They are so cute.
Superboy has taken on the responsiblity of something other than
himself. He also has a turtle here in our home to care for and he has
done very well with it. My hope is that the responsiblity will
trigger mass cleaniness in his room. Well I can hope right?



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