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Friday, September 9, 2011

Messy Art

Work in progress:
This is a work in progress. The boys decided they wanted
to paper mache. We used one part water and one part
flour. Superboy wants to create a Garfield. We found
later that paper maching each piece for the first step
worked best. We will work in the coming weeks to put
him back together.

For Spirit we set up a mini lesson on the world and
decided to create a Globe to go with his Geography lesson.

His is a work in progress also. It has some weak
areas so we will have to do it again.

One thing I knew but didn't know how much, was what
a mess it would be but it is worth it.

I put paper under the project and then found I had to
put paper under Spirit too. Below is how he turned out.

Each year the kids create a Self portraits. It is fun looking back
and seeing how their drawing skills have changed.

Spirit Age 5

Superboy Age 11

Superboy Created this art of all the pets he has had
and all the pets he wants in the future. I see a turtle
which we have. A bunny, hermit crab, and chicken.




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