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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Letter Sounds M and T

We began this week trying to put the ABC's in order
and then singing the ABC song. I don't know why but Spirit
Always get J, K and M, N confused. He either skips them
or reverses them. We used some plastic spoons to put them
in order. One day we typed them on the computer but he
was frustrated with finding them on the keyboard so I left
him move on. See our gym game later this week for
More ABC fun.

Listening to sounds in words is a completely new concept to my
kindergartener. We started out with the M and T sounds. At
first it was difficult for him to find sounds in words but it
soon became a game for the entire family. Before I knew it
everyone was looking for M and T sounds. To review them
later in the week I set up a cookie monster and a Truck. I
found some letter sound picture cards in a book I got for
free called Alphabet soup. If a word started with M we put it
In the Monsters Mouth. Cookies mouth moves so each time
he was correct cookie munched his cards as I made munching
sound. If the word started with a T we put the word in the
back of his Titanic Truck. If the card was correct Spirit got
to zoom it around the room once . Spirits last name begins
with M so at the end of the lessons cookie tried to eat him.

It was a fun way to practice our letter sounds.

Later since "Sweet pea" did not like the shaving
cream. I had 'Spirit" practice writing M and Ts in shaving cream.

It was a great first week of school



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