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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kindergarten Jazzy Journals

We have been working this week on patterns and the
AB, ABB, ABC, etc... There are so many great ways to
work on patterning. I picked this fun idea up from
Jazzy Journals Here is the page I found the Pizza patterns.
Spirit loved this activity and as you saw in Toddler time so did
pea. I precut ahead of time the dough, sauce and toppings.
It was fun to display it in a sorting try. We have the cheese,
green peppers, pepporonis in red, brown mushrooms,
yellow pineapples, pink ham, and blue sushi.

I used fun scissors to cut the dough. Spirit added the
sauce and cheese then he decided on a pattern.
Below he choose ABB with a sushi, ham pattern.

Then he tried an ABC pattern . We weren't able
to glue on another set but he layed them out for me to
see that he knew what the next set was.

The AB pattern worked great. It fit right on. The
older kids were ohh and ahhing and wanting to make
pizzas too.

Hope over to her site there are a lot of great activities
for Kindergarten!!



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