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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Most of you that read my blog know that my girl Heart
has started College and works a part time job.

She is juggling.

I am really proud at how dedicated she is with
everything she chooses to do. Her part time job
is working at a pizza resturant but she has learned how
to do all the areas in the resturant. So much so that they
wanted her to become an assistant manager at one point.

Recently our area was hit with major flooding. All she
did was worry about who was going to cover her because
we were flooded in. My parents decided to come down to
see how bad things were. The bridge to get to our house
has been condemned but dad was able to walk across it.
Heart packed her bags and walked with dad across the
bridge just to be able to work and attend school. The
local fire department actually helped her carry them across.
Now that is dedication and she is a juggling.

As a parent how can I help her.

-First I have to know this is her time to handle things.
I can step in when she needs it but its really her time
to shine. If I did my job I'll now be able to sit back
and watch from a spectators position, Which isn't always
easy. I am so used to being up to my elbows in it that
it is hard to step back and let her do things her way.

- Making sure she is eating properly. This is often neglected
when working at a pizza shop. I try to keep around baskets

of fruit and veggies. Many days I see her grabbing something
and running with it. I smile because this is my secret plan
to keep her healthy. :)

-Is she getting enough rest. Sometimes teens still need
moms reminder that they need some sleep. Usually their
bodies will tell them but keep your eyes peeled and remind
them to rest. Even adults need that reminder some times.

-Hours of studying can keep you teen tied up for awhile.
make sure they have a quiet place to do so .

-keep that communication going. Text them often but
Not so often that you make them nuts. Write them letters.
I am a firm believer in the mighty pen.

Do you have a tip to share in helping your teens?
Leave them in the comments section. I'd love to know
what else I can do.



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